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  1. What did you add to your packet for this board ?
  2. Got an email today that my AFS waiver was approved!! Board ready! I just want it to be November 20th already so I can stop being nervous every day lol. it seems like this thread has been really dead. I don’t know how many applicants are going to be on this board but it doesn’t seem like as much as usual. Good luck guys!
  3. Looks like you got a solid package man, I’m hoping the same thing for my packet. I’ve been in 11 years but with my JTAC background and Multiple SOF deployments I’m hoping my ETPs will be approved and they see that my experience will show that I would be a good addition to the aviation branch. 🤙🏼
  4. Your stuff looks pretty good. Were you not able to get any Army Warrant officers to write you an LOR? Also, have you submitted your packet yet? My understanding is the deadline for the packet submission was the 21st? Did you submit your packet without as SIFT completed ?
  5. Hopefully we can get some good conversations going here. I couldn’t find a thread for the November 2020 board so please let me know if there is actually a thread already started. I submitted my packet a few weeks ago and I’m just wondering what everyone else is looking like. My big concerns right now are the waiver approvals (active federal service I’m at 11 years and my second waiver is for ETS within 12 months). Quick background on my self, I’m active duty Marines. I have been in for 11 years, 6 deployments (three within special operations). Age: 29 Flight ph
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