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  1. I had LASIK Sept 2020 with Flight Physical May 2021. No waiver needed for me. Just needed all the paperwork regarding the surgery.
  2. Are you able to see how many people applied and how many were accepted? Just curious on the acceptance rate for this board.
  3. Wasn’t able to pick. They were assigned based off of availability. Would of liked to leave earlier. Good Luck!
  4. Don’t know what to tell ya. Recruiter asked if I wanted to go to MEPs right away and sign.
  5. Swore in today at MEPs. Nov. 8 for BCT at Fort Jackson. Feb. 16 for WOCs at Rucker.
  6. Swore in today at MEPs. Nov. 8 for BCT at Fort Jackson. Feb. 16 for WOCs at Rucker.
  7. S2S. I think we generally find out earlier then AD. My stats are posted in the other July board discussion page.
  8. Recruiter just called to let me know I’ve been accepted! Looking forward to what’s next. Good luck to everyone!
  9. Congrats man! Hoping my recruiter finds out tomorrow. Keep us updated!
  10. AGE: 23 RANK: S2S, No prior service ASVAB GT: 123 SIFT: 49 OPAT/AFCT: Heavy/523 EDUCATION: Bachelors in Media Communication FLIGHT: NO HOURS BOARD: JULY 2021 LOR: CW5, CW4, O-5, O-5 PHYSICAL: Stamped
  11. I guess the only advantage to get it after Part 1 is to make sure everything else is passing. If you feel like you’ll pass everything else fine, then probably just get LASIK before messing with the flight physical. After getting LASIK, you need to wait 180 days (6 months) before you can get a waiver to pass the flight physical. This might be different if you’re already in the military. I had to go to MEPS before the flight physical and they needed it to be 180 days after the surgery. I also had to get 2 separate manifest refractions 30 days apart from each other. This can be done after 90 days from the surgery. If getting LASIK, make it clear from the beginning why you’re doing this and that you need ALL the paperwork by the end of it. I had LASIK surgery last September and will be on the July WOFT board. Let me know if you have any more questions and you can message me.
  12. What’s the difference in OPTEMPO between Active Duty vs. National Guard? Specifically as pilots or 15 series MOS’s. I’m assuming Active duty is deploying much more and going to more CTC rotations? Thanks for any insight you have.
  13. Great write up! Thanks for doing this for us who have yet to take the SIFT.
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