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  1. Thank you for all the replies. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the sufficient information this was my first post in this forum. Although I didn’t give enough information everyone helped me the beat they can. I’m still a senior in high school and I was looking into the “high school to flight school” program. Ive decide to get my private pilot license first then decide on the best route to flying commercial. Thank you so much to everyone who replied. 😊
  2. Flim i just recently started the process yesterday. The recruiters didn’t want to process me at first and Now after they agreed they are rushing everything saying they want everything done by the end of next month. The experience I’ve had with them and the timeframe they want it done has me concerned. Plus the additional decade contract. I don’t want to waste any more of their time or mine.
  3. I’m interested in joining the army WOFT program however I went in believing there was a 6 year active service contract however the recent changes of a 10 year contract obligation has me conflicted. My ultimate goal is a career as a commercial pilot. Should I consider a different route from the WOFT program??
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