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  1. On a different approach: Maximum range is a result of distance. Maximum endurance is a result of time. So we are really trying to discuss if the maximum of "miles/gallon" happens at the same time as the maximum of "hours/gallon". Taking example: If my maximum range (=minimum drag) is at 105 knots, let say for the sake of the example I have 30 gallons of fuel that burns in 3 hours giving me a range of 315 miles - 3 hours flight - 10 gallons/hour So if the speed decrease by 10%, assuming drag increase by 5% (we know it is not linear) but now I don't need to p
  2. I am in the same boat. Like I don't work for NASA but the rest is pretty much the same. So no experienced advice here, sharing my thought process: my intent is to complete a private license, and then go for commercial/instrument/Flight instructor ratings. This will take time for sure, but I am not planning on quitting my job right away. Not sure if I'll be able to get a part time flight instructor gig (week-ends) while I work full time during week days, but that's kind of what I hope for and in the mean time my full time job will help me pay for my own recreational flight hours over
  3. Jedi-master pilot taking a look at the apprentice ^^
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