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  1. AGE: 31 ASVAB AFQT/GT: ASVAB: 97/GT: 130 SIFT: 67 APFT: 295 EDUCATION: B.S. in Biology, 9.0 Credits towards M.S. in Homeland Security Studies FLIGHT: None BOARD: JAN 25-29 2021 Active Duty LORS: MAJ, LTC, CW5 OTHER INFO: MOS 18D, AD E-7, 7.5 Years TIS SELECTED: Q-S FEB 5 2021
  2. Active duty (18D) E-7 Age: 31 TIS: 7.5 yrs SIFT: 67 GT: 130 APFT: 295 Flight physical: stamped, 0 waivers OPAT: heavy Education: B.S. in Biology, 9 credit hours towards M.S. in Homeland Security Studies Flight hours: None LORS: CW5, LTC, MAJ Received board ready status 17 Dec. First time packet submission. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Ladies and Gents, I am an AD 18D E-7 applying for flight warrant. I am currently waiting on my flight physical approval from Ft. Rucker and just wanted to ask about a medical waiver to see if anyone had experience or know of anyone who had a similar issue. On my last deployment, our team was on a night schedule and we obviously came back to being on a day schedule. I had issues sleeping when we got back and went to get a few treatments at our sleep clinic. When it came to my flight physical, my first submission came back returned and Rucker said I needed a sleep study, which I completed and the results indicated I had no issues. Since getting those treatments almost 2 years ago, I haven't had any issues sleeping. I understand that insomnia is a big issue in the medical world when it comes to aviation, so my question is what is the likelihood of my waiver being approved? Also as a followup, what is the wait time on waiver approval? My original physical was returned within a day or two, but the waiver process is taking much longer. Any help feedback would be appreciated.
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