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  1. @Jbail I go to basic Oct 4, WOCS I start Jan 5
  2. Oct 4 for me and I am going to Fort Jackson as well! Hope to see some of you at basic or WOCS!
  3. My packet was selected this board. I'm going meps tomorrow. Just checking if everyone else was sent to meps this quickly? Seems rushed to me and I don't know if that's the army or for some other reason?
  4. I just recently finished my Flight Physical for my WOFT packet. First I had to do MEPS which was just a regular physical. I then had to go to a base that had a flight surgeon so I could do my flight physical. The closest base to me was 10 hours away and I had to go on 2 separate occasions. For me there was a flight physical part 1 and part 2. Those were spaced about a month apart because they wouldn't schedule the second part until results were back from part 1. If you want a full walkthrough of everything I have had to do feel free to send me a private message. I will tell you everything takes longer than you expect.
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