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  1. Congratulations!! I did the same thing back in the 70's and it worked out great. Flew the bush in Alaska in both helicopters and fixed wing for 10 years before getting an airline job. Retired now with my own helicopter to fly for fun but can't afford a Boeing 747 to play with so it worked out OK I guess. Enjoy your aviation career!
  2. We parked our helicopters outside in Alaska all year long unless they were in the hanger for maintenance. A good set of covers is money well spent as they protect the glass, engine and rotorhead from sun and rain. Blade covers can be made with a layer of foam on top to prevent hail damage as well as eliminating the need for deice if they get snowed on or freezing rain. Tail rotor blade and gearbox covers should be included as well as main rotor and tail rotor tie downs to protect damage from strong winds.
  3. He checked me out in a Bell 47G-2 at Rancho Murietta in March 2000. I went back about a year later to see him and was told he was flying a Bell 206 crop dusting and had an engine failure while flying it. Don't think he was hurt. Great guy and excellent instructor. This was probably before you last saw him.
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