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  1. Had a couple different recruiters tell me different things. One said I need both one said only OPAT. As a S2S where can I find a good checklist for the March board? Thank you!
  2. Updating everyone! I went to a civilian optometrist today and turns out Ft.Hood did a lousy job! I got 20/60 each eye and 20/40 for both eyes. I knew i had never been 20/80!! Granted I squinted lol but nothing in the reg says I can't squint, it is still uncorrected. Without squinting I was at 20/70 for each eyes and about 20/50 for both! The doctor let me take the test squinting and without doing so lol. Going tomorrow to another doctor to get one more prescription so I can have more than one piece of paper in case when I go back to pass the flight physical they try to tell me some
  3. Editing because I did get to talk to someone in rucker. Sending you a message with some answers I found today
  4. Exactly. Unfortunately I need them to get me an "OK" for the flight phys... will keep everyone posted of these week's developments 😕 thank you all!
  5. Did they check your vision anytime after that... how does it work after the waiver? Curious... Also, did the flight surgeon at the physical send it then or how was it submitted? Excuse me if too many questions lol
  6. About 10 months ago but they confirmed prescription there. So... if my prescription hasn't changed my visual accuity cannot have changed because I can see the exact same with my glasses as I did my last eye exam. I also passed my FAA first class physical back in May. Went to get records today but uncorrected visual accuity is not noted (picture below). Worst case I could go and get another one and make sure they notated this time and at least I would have something signed by an AME (aviation medical examiner) displaying my visual accuity. And yeah! Been fighting all year to become a pilot
  7. Not saying you are wrong. I will try to find the actual Reg. But the optometrist pulled the reg and table in front of me and showed me up to 20/70 waiverable. Standard is to 20/50
  8. Thank you! Will call them up! And will keep following... Did you complete all the other parts of your flight physical? Curious because I was treated very badly yesterday at ft hood and was not allowed to do my Part 2 appointment. If you are curious and would like to read, would love your opinion!
  9. Btw would love to hear your experience with PRK, healing process, etc. I would probably prefer PRK than Lasik from what I've read.
  10. Thank you. Yes, I went to FT hood because I knew I would probably need a cockpit test being right at the minimum height so I thought, well they will probably do it there so may as well do it there... I am going next to Ft. Sam Houston (San Antonio), where the commander of my recruiter station wanted me to go initially... Getting a lasik evaluation on Tuesday to get some real numbers just in case and if my visual accuity is 20/70 or below i will have supporting documentation from another doctor... unfortunately it is more like 2k per eye.. total of 4k... starts at 250 if you really actual
  11. Well guess things have changed since because they told me 20/70 is waiverable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. So 3 things. 1. Yeah I understand the vision standards Doesn't mean I can't get an ETP or submit one. 2. I'm a chick with good sense of humor. Not a tranny. In case someone thought so from my joke. 3. Folks, I guess you've never worn glasses. I can drive without mine. It is a mild prescription. The 20/80 was not accurate and does not match any prior records. Yet when I questioned it, I wasn't offered a retake or anything. Also, does not match the prescription they confirm I have. I can't have a mild prescription but at the same time be blind as a bat. I got chewed and blasted t
  13. Thank you! That's what I got from other pilots. Honestly I needed a recruiter there to push the issue.. at a serious disadvantage against a witchy nurse.... interested to hear from other people's with ETPs for vision though if there are any in this forum 😕 Btw... IT'S MA'AM
  14. I am aware people put ETPs for this and more. I know pilots with childhood seizures who have gotten ETPs for that. People in physical therapy with ETPs, etc. That was not helpful. I am asking for advice from people who have put ETPs for 20/70 or more.
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