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  1. I am S2S i got a basic and wocs date. Was i supposed to get a WOBC date too?
  2. Congrats! I guess everyone here got selected? I don't see any Q-NS!
  3. Well I swore in yesterday... shipping January for Basic at Jackson and March 24th WOCS.... Not happy... but it is what it is....
  4. Hell yeah! Hey mind me asking how did you get projected in less than 3 days? Recruiter told me 72h minimum in all meps now? Thanks! I'm trying to go asap...
  5. Weird... haha should just post em.. On another note I got the official email for S2S selection. Congrats to all! See you at Rucker soon hopefully.. I had to re do my fingerprints today because they had expired... need them done before they send me down to enlist... Hoping active milper comes out soon for you guys since I just got that email today! Best of luck
  6. Alright seems like me pressuring did the trick.. going Wednesday!
  7. Congrats guys! My recruiter told me yesterday he couldn't project me to go to MEPS until the official list came out with the MILPER. I am now contacting him since looks like y'all are already projected to get sworn in and sign contract.
  8. Just got the call guys I'M IN!!! Unofficial for now but recruiter let me know what he found out... Stats earlier! Best of luck to all of you and will keep you posted on dates! Looking forward to see you at Mother Rucker!
  9. Nothing... S2S here hoping tomorrow or by Tuesday following the trend of other boards I guess...
  10. Btw, was a list published, if so where? Or did you only hear from your recruiter? Thanks again!
  11. Howdy. I am a S2S candidate and the wait is making me go crazy. I know we don't get put in the MILPER message with in service candidates. Would other previously selected S2S mind sharing how and when they heard they were selected? I've heard this coming board they will look at S2S packets Monday-Tuesday and Wed-Friday will be for in service... would we have a chance to know by Wednesday, would it show in the recruiters system before they proceed with in service? Any idea how this works? Or should I just go forget about the world until about August 2nd? Any light on this would be very appreciated! Thanks everyone! And good luck to all submitted for July!
  12. Ugh the wait is driving me absolutely insane lol. For S2S where do we see the selection? The MILPER at the recruiting website seems to only have in service. Recruiter told me I just have to wait until he gets notified in his system? Good luck to everyone!
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