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  1. I'm inexperienced when it comes to jet powered helicopters, but I have experience with piston engine helicopters.
  2. I thought so. I already stated that I will receive instruction from my buddy who owns his 205, so improper instruction is not of concern. Have a nice day.
  3. I'm not an employee of any air sector. So anyone who is new is suspicious to you? We all have to start somewhere. Seems to me like you want to cause trouble.
  4. Well my buddy knows I've flown a helicopter twice already, so he might let me. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  5. What?! What's wrong with being curious? I want to be somewhat prepared for the test flight because I want to have some primer knowledge before test flying the 205 with my friend. This will also be my first jet powered aircraft so I don't want to be completely clueless either. I just want to show off some knowledge to my friend and act like I know some basics, that's all! Since I couldn't find the answer on the internet, it made me more curious. That would be absolutely stupid to attempt to steal an aircraft under airport security which also requires a key! Just dumb. You really shouldn't just
  6. Spike, Thank you for your help! Just to be clear, below detent (or engine idle stop) is when the throttle is rolled counterclockwise until it clicks, then released and rolled again until it clicks a second time? I saw a couple videos for a Bell 206 and I'm wondering if it's the same for a 205 or UH-1. Also, do you know if there's a Start Fuel switch on a 205 while starting? - sdsteven
  7. I'm curious about the throttle control on a Bell 205 because I'm thinking about test flying one soon and possibly purchasing one in the future. For the startup sequence, after the throttle is rolled back to detent and after the start switch is pressed, when is the throttle bumped up to the idle position? Is it between 0-40% N1 or after 40% (after start switch is released)? My second question is for the torque. After the warm up sequence and as the throttle is rolled up to 6600 engine RPM, what is the maximum torque that can be applied during engine acceleration? Thanks.
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