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  1. I am currently in the process of enlisting as a 15T, with the hope of becoming an aviator down the line. I had some questions in regards to the flight physical. I have mild apnea, diagnosed after a sleep study. I am not even sure if its on my actual medical records but I'm working on finding out. I dont use a CPAP and it's self resolved. Does the army request a copy of my medical history from my primary care and/or me directly? Or is the only information they get the information I give them directly. Thanks all
  2. Is there any good reading for the "army aviation" section that is produced or written by the army? I understand that the FAA book falls into that category, but for things that are truly Army specific such as the Model differences and things of that nature. Study guides you'd say? Also, I've been studying about an hour every day at least and take my test in two months. I know you said you think 30 minutes a day for a month was adequate for you, but do you feel your Aviation science background played a large role in it being that easy for you? Thanks for writing all of this up, it's
  3. I'm aware that the best way to confirm Seat to Street is through the WOSM, but I am hoping to know ahead of time so I can have a more educated conversation with the Strength manager. I am seeking street to seat in any of the following states. Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Any help you strangers could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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