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  1. Pulled as in actually sick or close contact pulls? Just curious, I have managed to dodge getting sick since this whole thing has kicked off and would be pretty irritated at getting pulled because of someone else.
  2. My report date is 24 days before my class date and I'll be pcsing there around 3 weeks before that, I may talk to HHC and see if I can report in before my report date if this is the case. I don't have early report in my orders so who knows.
  3. Got my RFO as well, looking like 12MAR for report to HHC. You have to enable pop ups for the RFO to pull, most of us have it set to block by default at home I’m sure.
  4. Ah thanks! That’s what I was thinking but haven’t been able to find a definitive answer. I’ll keep an eye out, trying to stay on top of clearing here because the BDE I’m in is notorious for being difficult. In reality a lot of people here make it difficult for themselves but that in turn creates shops that become difficult.
  5. Does anyone know if we need to be looking out for an RFO or will receive orders for PCS as usual? Haven't been able to find much info on this. I think its regular PCS orders into the ole .mil but nothing really clear.
  6. Hard to say, the basic and WOCS dates are the important ones in my opinion, wobc is follow on after WOCS so as long as you get to WOCS you’re good I think. I guess it posted a draft and the post? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Mobile site troubles
  7. Hard to say, the basic and WOCS dates are the important ones in my opinion, wobc is follow on after WOCS so 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Got my class dates! ATRRS Email came in this afternooon. WOCS Class 012 - 06APRIL-11MAY WOBC Class 018 - 03JUNE-05JULY
  9. Going to keep an eye out for a reservation email this week, the first AD guy to post on the may thread got his reservation 10 days after the results posted. I'm expecting a March-April date more than likely but clearing Carson can be a pain so trying to get all the ducks sorted ASAP. BDE Commander approval for a CIF carry forward memo in particular is just.... insane?
  10. Yeah I PCS'ed back in December so it will have been a year for me at least. Cannottttt wait for class dates!
  11. I’m sending it to someone when I get home already, PM me you civ and I’ll shoot it to you
  12. Awesome see y’all at Rucker! Hopefully class dates come soon!
  13. First look select hearts about to explode 🤯
  14. Nice! It’s a bit of a wait but you’ll probably end up in the same class as most of this thread 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m guessing March-April class dates for those that will pick up. I would suggest using the time to prepare physically - it goes a long way!
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