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  1. So I've done enough research to gather that most of what the schools tell you (about the career/job market) is to be taken with a bunch of salt, but that the path to becoming a commercial pilot does indeed go from getting your private license to your instructors license and then accruing hours that way. I'm wondering how easy that second step is. For the record, I'm 50 and probably don't need to make a ton of money (getting divorced from my sort of wealthy wife) so I don't mind making garbage pay for a few years. To me it looks like $50-70K of training, at the end of which I might still have a hard time getting a job that pays anything at all. So if i'm understanding what I've read so far, I guess my question boils down to: how hard is it to get a job as an instructor. I don't mind the idea of doing that for a couple thousand hours.. Thanks
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