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  1. As Wally says, look out the front, do things slowly, react to what you see. Muscle memory can be a hindrance, but if it starts to yaw, stop it. If it wants to roll, stop it. I jumped from S76 to B47 to Huey in one day, no problems, as long as I reacted to what I saw. The R22 is twitchy, just squeeze the pedals with toe pressure, heels on the floor. Never lift your heels, or you will overcontrol and fight the other leg.
  2. The drive shaft is rotating in the wrong direction for a tail rotor on the other side, perhaps?
  3. The asymmetry reduces the noise from the T/R, or at least changes the way it sounds, away from the annoying aeroplane propellor sound. You may have seen how the original Dauphin has symmetrical fenestron blades, and emitted an awful screeching sound. Then they went asymmetric and it is almost quiet. Same on EC120. Teetering Delta-3 is cheap to make, but it can thrash out its bearings.
  4. A drone, with some 30lb item on a sling below it, flying 200nm out to a rig, hovering for the delivery, and then coming home again, with reserves for running in a 40-kt wind...tell him he's dreaming...
  5. Do you have an airplane student licence? Hard to log it otherwise. Airplanes are inherently stable, so the techniques are a little different, speeds are different, the operating controls are different, the only things the same are the VOR, ADF and GPS profiles - though some helo-specific approaches are different too. Forgeddabahdit.
  6. Have a think about how much you need to make to keep yourself in business. Perhaps a daily standing charge, to cover the time spent waiting for them to use you and you are unavailable for any other work, plus an hourly rate for when they do use you. Quoting by the mile can be difficult, they might say there are 280 miles to survey, you put in a total price, and they find a bunch of extra lines to look at for free. If you wanted a rolling cost per mile, how are you going to measure it? When we were doing powerlines, we won the tender by having a sensible price, backed up with Quality
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