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  1. Oh yeah for sure. The best thing I can do over the course of my wait is soak as much as I can and learn from those who made it, and come back with a very strong packet next year!
  2. That would be great, I appreciate it! PM me your email and I will send it to you. Thank you!
  3. Welp, NS-NC for me! Congrats to those who made it this board, and all the best in your upcoming training..."I'll be back" (Schwarzenegger's voice) 😆
  4. Congrats to the S2S applicants who got selected. Hopefully some favorable results for us on the AD side still playing the waiting game 😅💪
  5. Wow seems pretty low still. I believe March's board had almost 70 WOFT selectees from AD duty alone! To add on @bhway25's question...were the 46 new applicants or was that the total number of WOFT applicants to include the FQ-NS carryovers from March's board? Sorry if you mentioned this earlier and I missed it!
  6. So if you have a PC and CAC reader you should be able to access everything on HRC's website including MILPER messages. You shouldn't need a NIPR computer. If you are running into problems, then you might need to install DOD certs onto your PC. MilitaryCAC's Information on the importance of DoD Certificates
  7. Yes majority were S2S who found out from their recruiters, from what I can recall. Tried reaching out to my recruiters then, but they were all away on some "mission." That's what SF recruiters told me back then coz they all share the same office space where am at...but yeah, S2S should know theirs pretty soon before we do next week lol.
  8. The WOSB MILPER message should come out next Friday (the 28th), Saturday the latest given that the 28th through 31st is a DONSA for Memorial Day. That was the same case for March's board. The WOSB MILPER message was published on a Saturday afternoon 1 week after the board, and that weekend was a DONSA as well.
  9. Second time look. FQ-NS March 2021 board. AGE: 30 RANK: E-5 - Medic TIS: 3 years Active Duty GT: 123 SIFT: 48 APFT: 275 EDUCATION: Associate Degree - 2.95 GPA / BS Aeronautics - (6 Credits + 27 transferred) 4.0 GPA. PHYSICAL: Stamped qualified. LORs: O-3, O-5, CW4 DEPLOYMENT: N/A WAIVERS: N/A
  10. Hello everybody, this is my first time look and here are my stats: AGE: 30 Active Duty, 68W Combat Medic. RANK: E-4 TIS: 35 Months GT: 123 SIFT: 48 APFT: 275 EDUCATION: Associate Degree - 2.95 GPA / BS Aeronautics - (6 creds complete, 27 transferred) 4.0 GPA, Dean's List. NCOES: BLC Graduate - Commandant List. 1059 made packet update deadline. PHYSICAL: Stamped qualified. LORs: O-3, O-5, CW4 DEPLOYMENT: None. WAIVERS: None.
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