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  1. I made it boys! My stats are earlier in this thread!
  2. If anybody sees the list or can post a link or picture please do. Ill try to keep a constant eye on HRC and will post if I see it first. Good luck everybody 😎
  3. I had to reach out to the warrant board and asks few times before it was board ready. Had I not asked I don't think they would have emailed me about it.
  4. Well here goes round 2 for this guy. Good luck
  5. I was a Fully Qualified Non- Select for the Jan 2021. The recruiters thought it was a pretty strong packet, maybe it was just a smaller and more competitive board or maybe I just need to be better. Regardless I am really hoping to make any needed corrections before the next board and any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Active duty (11B) E-6 Age: 29 TIS: 7 yrs SIFT: 56 GT: 112 APFT: 291 Flight physical: stamped, No waiver Education: 15 credit hours Flight hours: None LORS: CW5, CW3, LTC, CPT, CPT
  6. FQ-NS For January Board. Any suggestions on how to improve everything for the board this go around? AGE : 29 RANK : E-6, 7 Yrs - 11B GT : 112 SIFT : 56 APFT : 291 EDUCATION : 15 Credits PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-3, 0-3, CW3, CW5 DEPLOYMENT: 2 WAIVERS : None Previous look: FQ-NS Jan 2021 The recruiters said I had a pretty strong packet. Maybe it was just a really tough board or maybe it just wasn't strong enough.
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