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  1. Apparently from what my neighbor told us, he had a brief from the swo about it being implemented. The question is when/which class it starts. As far as I know,we been checking but no milper / alaract has been put in place. B
  2. I'm at Rucker now and my understanding is youre grandfathered in a should be good. Was told my TIG would reset after completion of wobc b. If that hasn't happened you're gucci
  3. You'd be amazed. There's a guy in my Sept class now who was on the may board. There's also people in here from Nov board and Jan board. Luck of draw
  4. Lol sure man. You missed the point but ya. Gotya
  5. there was two spc that got picked up at my board for Jan 2021. Everyone else who was pciked up in my class are sgt or ssg....alot of ssg. I had 5 years tis and am a ssg. They get just as much longevity with me as anyone else. 10 year adso is 10 year adso
  6. Yeah I need to chill. I'm over thinking it
  7. Can anyone tell me about the land nav. I'm over worrying about it. Also what happens if I fail and get dropped and fail the recycle. Am I sent to needs of the army?
  8. Sorry man I just saw this this. I'll send you a pm from the blackboard that has all the dates for ya
  9. Ok just got a tish nervous. Buddy failed it twice, recycled and failed again. I'm at bragg and trying to get out to area j to get hands on practice.
  10. Can anyone who has gone through run me down on land nav?
  11. Can you check for moore for 920B? He's a buddy of mine
  12. My report date is august but I'm in class 502. Wocs starts in September
  13. I know the pain. I was in afg waiting for results to post. Got a text from a friend at like 4am
  14. So my buddy graduated in Jan and have another buddy in class right now. Can give the current class but as he said AV candidates will rom with family if traveling with dependents. He did the acft and we should too unless they change it in the next few classes. During other candidates rom, we will work at taking their temperature and what not. He was in his room a majority of his class but at week 4-5 was back in class but with limited tac officers. He did the ruck and land nav but that was the only time he could leave his room. He said very strongly to read your SOP heavily. This guy is a TM junkie (920A) so it was second nature to him, he found alot of privileges you have but only if you ask for them . I can give a more current situation in a few weeks after my friend graduates.
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