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  1. Street to seat First Look AGE: 23 ASVAB: 99 GT: 141 SIFT: 71 OPAT: Heavy Education: B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Animal Bioscience Flight: 28 hours student time with 3 solo flights Board: May 2021 LORs: O-8, O-6 Retired, O-5 retired aviation, CG O-2 rescue pilot, Flight instructor Physical: Awaiting approval
  2. If you’re using it just to practice for the aviation information part then I would advise you that there are much easier ways of going about it. You should be able to find a free FAA rotorcraft handbook just by looking online and that should have more than enough information. I would recommend learning the controls and parts of a helicopter, types of helicopters, basic aerodynamic principles of helicopter flight, and it wouldn’t hurt to touch up on some basic maneuvers and weight and balance. There most likely will be some army aviation information as well so learn everything about the army’s
  3. Would love it if you could take a look at my essay. Always looking for areas to improve. I’ll message you on IG.
  4. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I could improve my " Why I Want to be an Army Aviator" essay for my WOFT packet. Thanks in advance. I want to be an Army Aviator because I want to be a technically proficient and mission dedicated leader. Being the son of two military veterans, who both served in aviation career fields, instilled in me a love for aviation as well as a desire to serve my country. Aviation has been a lifelong passion for me. As a child, I took every opportunity I could to learn more on the subject. In high school, I applied to a selective aerospace scienc
  5. Wow I’ve been working on my packet for a year and a half now and had no clue there was no interview anymore. My recruiter led me to believe that it was still part of the process. I’m blown away. So after the packet is sent in it’s just a waiting game until results are out? Sorry if all this information is somewhere else on the forum. If it is please direct me to it.
  6. Thought I’d ask those of you that just went through this. Is there still an in-person interview for your board or has that been changed because of covid? I haven’t seen anything about this. Thanks in advance.
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