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  1. Hmm I started to say buying a cessna might wind up to be too much of a hassle, but then I did a little research and found multiple cessna's being raffled off. Maybe I can get lucky and win a raffle with a 50-100 dollar ticket and sell it for the cost of a PPL 🤣. Anyway back to reality...yeah I was thinking about going the fixed route and getting a rotary add-on CPL, I couldn't decide between that or moving to a different state that has a school that offers a 2 year aviation degree program in combination with a rotary CPL, that way the VA won't require getting a PPL first. I have some time before I really need to decide so I'm still collecting info wherever I can get it. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Yeah I agree, the rules are there for good reason. But I also think it's unfortunate they decided to drop PPL's altogether, I think there's definitely a better way to handle the situation. Anyway thanks for info Adam!
  3. Yes they are approved, but you have to pay out of pocket for a private license. The VA will not pay for that.
  4. Thanks for the reply! It's definitely for the R22, they only train in the R44 if you're over 190lbs. I weighed in at 185 for the disco flight so no problems there. The school I went to is in Colorado, and it's basically the only school left in the state after 4-6 others closed within the last 3 years, so I've been looking for a way to make it work because I have family here which means free room and board. Does anyone think it's worth it to get a commercial fixed wing license first, then transition into rotary? I talked to a fixed wing pilot last night that said it would be much cheaper, granted I would obviously have less rotary hours upon completion. I'm torn between doing that or moving to another state that has a school partnered with a university, if I start a training program that involves an associates or bachelor degree then the VA will pay for private and commercial.
  5. Hello all! So last week I finally paid for a discovery flight after years of dreaming about flying helicopters for a living, and as expected I had an absolute blast! The thing that was holding me back all these years is the same as many others out there...the cost of training. The school that I chose told me that for a private license it's going to cost me about 25k, and 100k for a commercial license. The CFI that I flew with suggested that I don't even start training until I have 30k saved up, the reason being is that he had to take multiple long breaks during his training and had to re-learn everything each time he came back. As an Air Force vet I do have the GI bill to assist in the commercial license costs, but the VA will not cover the private license. Right now I don't make enough money to raise 30k any time soon, and most of the scholarships and grants that I have seen online are geared towards high school or college students, women and minorities, I'm a white male so many of them are off the table for me. I also do not want to obtain any loans, I can't afford going into debt at the moment. Does anyone out there have any advice or ideas to overcome this initial hurdle?
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