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  1. Totally agree, I'm not willing to take the risks that I was a few years ago after losing people I know to crashes that could've easily happened to me. We'll be trying for kids soon and I have no desire to miss an entire year of their lives for another deployment or two. I'm grateful for the experience, the opportunities, and the friends I've made along the way, but I'm happy that my time with the Army seems to be nearing an end.
  2. The 10 year ADSO will actually prevent all but the youngest street-to-seaters from making the jump, I graduated flight school right after turning 24 and the AF won't take you after 33 without a waiver. I enlisted at 17 and had five years in when I commissioned. This change will all but put an end to that option unless a pilot did Army FW and is considered a rated applicant. I wonder if that played into the decision at all, or if the convenient math was just a coincidence.
  3. @zaurusThanks! Had a couple guys try to crossover before their ADSOs were up and got blackballed real hard in the battalion (which is the entire aviation community in my state) so I wanted to make sure I was clean before I took my shot. I wanted to fly Black Hawks since the 4th grade and didn't really consider anything beyond that. Never expected to fly for a living until the airlines started giving rotary guys a chance. Only rated in the 60A/L/M, going to the C-130. Most definitely, will probably be looking at 25 years by the time I can even think about retiring. Glad the AF has had some success with us refugees! I personally never want to fly anything I can't stand up and use a bathroom in ever again, but that's just me haha.
  4. I'm sure it's been beat to death but I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on the matter, both from a personal and academic standpoint. Do you think it will help retention? Hurt recruiting (reduced quantity/quality of applicants)? What could the Army have done instead of forcing pilots to stay in longer? Was it the regional airlines drawing pilots out of the Army or were they slowly being pushed out by deployments, additional duties, etc.? The Army brass claimed they increased it to 10 years to establish parity with the USAF but left out the part where it takes twice as long and up to 10x as much money to train an Air Force pilot. Do you believe the parity argument has merit? I'm a flight company commander in the ARNG, a regional airline pilot, and have been hired to fly heavies for an ANG unit (a 10 year ADSO I'm happy to sign on for). Beyond my personal curiosity, I'm trying to compile data for my master's program capstone. I've attached a link to my survey and any responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  5. I would think a PPL could only help you, there was maybe one or two guys in my BOLC class that had it (in 2013) and they certainly picked up on things a little faster than us zero-time guys. I'd say if you can get a deal on it and want to fly, go for it! Just don't do it for the sole purpose of looking good in front of a board (unless it's an ANG/AFR fixed-wing board, for which PPLs are basically a bare minimum requirement to even apply these days).
  6. I'm currently a flight company commander in the ARNG and we pull our crew chiefs, almost exclusively, from the 15Ts in the maintenance company. I don't know how active duty handles it but that's how every crew chief starts out for us.
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