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  1. You asked about the Military Experience Section, but used examples from the Military Education section, so I will explain how I did both. Military Education: I put the course descriptions in there, so it filled the space. The first sentence or two was dedicated to what the point of the course was, or what I got from it. An example would be, "Became the only qualified UPL in the Army" or "Awarded the Air Assault badge and ASI 2B. Became the SME in air assault operations and became the NCOIC of the local airfield", "Graduated BLC with overall academic GPA of 75.01%" I doubt many people read past the course title, maybe the first sentence or two. So I made the first part about me and the rest was additional information. Military Experience: This section is where you can sell yourself as a soldier. I did not focus on the job description at all. I wrote about what I did, and not what my job description says I am supposed to do. If you are mechanic, but you spent all your time doing UPLs or property inspections, talk about that. What data can you compile about that time. Did you conduct 45 UPLs in that time period, did you inspect 400 sling loads? Are you the 1SGs go to guy for useless taskers? This is where you spin all your menial tasks into something epic. "As an 11B I was the battalion commanders go to NCO to complete time sensitive or mission critical tasks. I was recommended for a bronze star during this period, downgraded to a company level article 15." This sentence could mean you saved someone's life, or you got picked last minute to hold the battalion guidon, because they knew you probably wouldn't pass out when you stood there for 89 hours in the sun. Use anything you have, even if it didn't make it to your NCOER or a counseling.
  2. Selected: Yes, SIFT: 71 This is only how I prepared, and obviously is not the only way. I have not taken a college level math course in about 12 years, and only a few other college courses since that time. Overall: I had three different SIFT books. Trivium, Barons, and some other one I forgot. I ignored all the prep sections in them and used them solely for the practice tests. The books are not well refined or edited. One of my answer sheets only had 50 questions for the simple drawings. It just skipped every other number. I think it is most important that you are ready for the speed and layout of the test more than anything else. I think it was extremely beneficial to have taken 5 or 6 test condition practice tests to get a feel for the exam. Math: After I took the tests under test conditions, I studied the questions that I got wrong and went to google to find more examples of similar questions. I also went online and downloaded official SAT prep tests, which are much harder questions than you will get from the SIFT. Make sure you pick the no calculator section of the SAT prep. Hidden Figures: I completed all of the hidden figures during the test. I thought the hidden figures in the test prep books were much harder than the actual SIFT. On my SIFT I had the same shapes to choose from for almost the whole section. They would just take them and rotate them or make a minor change. It actually felt weird, since the practice tests switched shapes every 5 questions or so.
  3. I am working that path as well, but it is always easier to do a swap by name. I figure this post will go no where, but it does not hurt to ask.
  4. All the classes in January are full as of now. Probably due to the lack of class starts in November and December.
  5. Does anyone have a WOCS class in January or February that needs to do a deferment? I am in class 008 and I need to go earlier, due to personal reasons. Anyone need have classes 004, 5, 6 or 7, and want to change? Also, does anyone have a 4187 template for the deferment? I don't see anything on blackboard or the WOCC site.
  6. I am not an aviator (just got selected), but I do have 13 years as an enlisted soldier. Before I get started I want to let you know that if you do decide to enlist, your recruiter is going to try to make you pick whatever job they can. Go in there with a plan and don't agree to anything unless it is what you wanted. It doesn't count unless it is writing, and you can back out all the way up to signing your papers at MEPS. There is no, "you can get a ranger school slot in basic training". That is not a thing. /rant over You should finish your degree, before you do anything else. You do not have any other options with the other branches to fly without it, and it will be hard to finish your degree once you join. I left college and joined in 2008, and I just finished my associates degree last year. Deployments, training, and admin work take up a lot of your free time each day. Also, one of the things that my senior warrant made me do before getting a recommendation was to take a familiarization flight, which I did in a Cessna 152 with one of my friends. This way, if you realize you hate it then you don't owe the Army anything. Study up on whatever you will be flying in, and if you enjoy both the studying and the flight then you at least have a good idea that you may still want to be an aviator. Or if you have the money, you could get a couple hours of rotary wing time and do it that way.
  7. I feel like that MILPER could have been an email. Like most of these MILPERs.
  8. Typical Army. Let the civilians know they were selected, and get them in as fast as possible. Then let the rest of us wait while the MILPER message gets drafted and left on a desk for two weeks.
  9. Not sure how fast they put it up here, but this link has the last board results. They will most likely put these results as well. https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/BOARD_SCHEDULE/
  10. Good thing the Army websites can only handle three people at a time. The sites are struggling to load. I haven't been able to log into the HRC website.
  11. AGE : 32 SERVICE : AD, 18C, SFC- 12.5 yrs TIS GT: 125 SIFT: 70 Flight: None APFT: 300 EDUCATION : Associates, 4.0 GPA PHYSICAL : No waivers LOR : O-4, O-5, CW-4 WAIVERS : AFS
  12. Here is what I was sent from recruiting when I tried to submit a my packet with an ACFT score. I have an APFT on file from before the October 2020 deadline. "- DA 61 BLK 41 ACFT NOT VALID (IAW AD 2020-06 APFT IS VALID UNTIL 31 MAR 2022, BLK 41 MUST HAVE LAST STANDARD 3 EVENT APFT TAKEN PRIOR TO 1 OCT 2020, ACFT NOT AUTHORIZED FOR APPLICATION PURPOSES)" So you use your APFT score from August 2020.
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