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  1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the information!
  2. Thank you for the info! Understood about post-training, but what about before completion? I believe I enlist as a 09W, Warrant Officer Candidate....I would imagine that BCS, WOCS and IERW would be written into that initial contract. Upon completion is when I would sign the ten year ADSO contract. Should the initial contract state something along the lines of failure or med. disqual results in separation from service?
  3. Hello everyone...I was recently accepted by the board for IERW acceptance as a Street to Seat applicant for the Army Guard. I should be going to MEPS over the next couple of weeks to swear in and sign my contract. I am not prior service so do not have any experience with this myself and the only tips I have gotten are, “If it’s not written in the contract, don’t sign”. My recruiters do not have much concrete information as I am the first S2S they have dealt with. 1. Is there anything specifically I should be looking for when I read the contract before signing? Do they try and “sneak” anyt
  4. Thanks for the information! The pay is definitely not a selling point for her considering they start at nearly double at home 😕 I appreciate the info!
  5. Thanks for the information! Did your wife get hired on a contract\temporary status being it was just for the duration of flight school? And coming from NYC, I’d imagine AL taxes would be way cheaper! I’m certain she would be taking a pay cut, but with on-base housing or the BAH, it would even out. Did she have a good experience at Flowers?
  6. BUMP Hey Mike, how did WOFT go and did your wife find work as an RN? I am going in front of the board next month and I have been trying to provide information for my wife regarding a move to AL if everything goes well. She is a new RN and will want to work at least part time down there if I get into the program. This whole process is not my wife’s “cup of tea” and I’m trying to make it as easy as possible. Also, where did you find housing and would you recommend? No kids yet, so it would be just her and I and hopefully she’d be working in a hospital somewhere.
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