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  1. Required documents completed...meeting with the recruiter tomorrow to physically build the packet in its entirety, leaving only the results of the SIFT to add. My son takes the SIFT in two days (Thursday). Hoping all goes as well as we think it (he) will. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☕️☕️
  2. Starting this board for anyone getting a first or second look in next month’s (May 2021) WOFT selection board. This will be my son’s first look. Stats and thoughts are welcome to be shared! ☕️☕️ Here are my son’s stats: Street to Seat / High School to Flight School AGE: 17 ASVAB GT: 110 SIFT: 53 OPAT: Heavy EDUCATION: Graduates High School Next Month, 3.10 GPA FLIGHT: 78.8 hours, 19.6 hours solo/PIC, Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) Private Pilot’s License BOARD: May 2021 LORS: Aviation O-8, Aviation CW5, Aviation CW4, Aviation CW4, JRO
  3. My apologies… I’m using voice text! But I think U get the point.
  4. No four Day weekend. It’s not a federal holiday.Day weekend. It’s not a federal holiday.
  5. Got it...thanks a lot for the response...and good for you! Good luck!
  6. Top of the mornin’, y’all! I’m starting this topic to see if anyone knows the portions/documents of your WOFT packet that can be changed or updated between an applicant’s first and second look in the obvious situation where an applicant was determined FQ but not selected on the first look. Thanks!
  7. Wow, bro...this is absolutely a cogent argument! The main point here for my son is that he has zero desire to fly fixed wing for the airlines. If he is not serving and flying in a military helicopter he wants to be flying commercially in a helicopter. However, if the WOFT selection goes against what is strongly believed to happen, he will attend the university and obtain an associate's degree AND all five helicopter ratings free of charge (my Post 9/11 GI Bill) in just 17 months, a $143K education and training...while simultaneously exploring the Marine Corps' PLC Flight option...my guess a
  8. My son has over 80 hours and 15+ hours of solo time in a fixed wing aircraft. He only has 3.5 hours in a rotary and quickly figured out and confirmed that flying a helicopter, as far as airframe goes in this overall pursuit of serving, and leading and flying for the Army is what he wants to do. That said, time and circumstances will always continue to play an integral role in decisions that need to made at a given time.
  9. Wow...just wow. So many coherent, relevant and "make ya think" type comments, y'all. I've been out of the net for over a day and coming back to multiple comments with the substance I see here is truly appreciated, not only by me, but by anyone that searches for this topic and eventually reads your comments.
  10. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats as well?!
  11. Thanks for sharing and congratulations again!
  12. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your stats?
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