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  1. Do you know which date in September? S2S here and doesn't have access to a lot of info besides the orientation packet/ WOCC website at this time.
  2. S2S here. I was at MEPS to sign my contract on Wed 31 Mar. They said that the deadline for enlistment is 8 Apr. Let us know your ship dates and WOCS report date here. Best wishes to all!
  3. What is y'all's report date? mine is 25Aug.
  4. You are welcome! I hope that you will get good news as well.
  5. Thank you for all the insights in this forum. It has been very helpful. I have been following the threads since September 2020 with 0 previous knowledge about this process/ program. I submitted for January 2021 but didn't get boarded because Recruiter and I couldn't submit corrections before USAREC corrections deadline. AGE : 32 (turning 33 next week) RANK : Civ (with previous military experience) GT : 128 SIFT : 55 OPAT: Heavy EDUCATION : BS Civ Engineering, 2.85 GPA. Working towards a Master's with 6 credits so far. PHYSICAL : Stamped LORs : O6 USAF P
  6. I was called about my selection by the Recruiting Battalion Commander this afternoon. I am guessing the letter will follow. (S2S)
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