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  1. For the May board they came out on Tuesday the following week after the board concluded.
  2. Personally I did street to seat and there was some confusion regarding my eye tests and I was temporarily DQ'd due to my right eye being worse than 20/70 (20/80 on paper due to an error on optometry's part) I was told the only way I would have been able to get an approved flight physical was to get lasik or PRK and then try again after a year. Luckily I actually am 20/70 in my right eye and the chart they tested me on originally skipped from 20/60 to 20/80 and did not even test for 20/70.
  3. You got this, feel free to message me if you want me to look over future drafts!
  4. Congratulations! random question which seems like a really dumb question to ask. How much experience do you get on the other airframes before you get to pick. Is it just a basic overview or do you like actually get to get some hands on to decide what you might want?
  5. Two things - could you expand upon your experiences at the NTC? I would love to get stationed there due to proximity to family. Second - had you been offered a different airframe would you have stayed or did you simply just decide that it was time.
  6. I'll be completely honest, I think you should take some time to work on this to come up with a clear and concise essay about what you want to say. I would recommend seeking help from one of your English Professors at your school - They are a resource you should fully utilize. There are a lot of grammatical and phrasing errors throughout.
  7. How many hours do you normally get per month compared to 47s and 60s?
  8. That does sound like quite the life. How are the other communities to your knowledge - I'm having an extremely hard time deciding what I may want to fly if I am provided with choice.
  9. Mine took a few months but I did require a waiver. I'd make sure the rest of your package is 100% good while your waiting - double check to make sure you don't need something like a moral waiver for any speeding tickets while you're waiting, moral waivers made me miss two boards because I had two speeding tickets (just normal speeding tickets) that required a waiver because they had a fine of more than $100.
  10. Not to be rude - why do so many people want 47s?
  11. From what I recall you basically hit the nail on the head with your examples. Truthfully I did not study mechanical comprehension or math as I have found that section is generally more common sense stuff - for example this is taken off a SIFT Test prep website - 1. Heather and Joan are sitting on a seesaw which is balanced. Heather weighs 140 lbs and Joan weighs 107 lbs. If Joan is seated 5.5 feet away from the pivot of the seesaw, how far away is Heather from the pivot? 4.2 ft 140 ft 5.85 ft 5 ft there were a few extremely specific questions thrown in that there really wasn't a way to study for. I had one question that had to do with how nuclear reactors function - something to do with fission. I mostly studied the stuff I knew I didn't know as well such as the aviation stuff, hidden figures, and spatial apperception. Three study resources I utilized most heavily were the Helicopter Lessons in 10 minutes or less on Youtube, FAA rotary handbook, and a SIFT test prep book. If you feel uncertain of your ability to do as well as you expect then you should probably delay taking the test by a week or two to give yourself more time to feel prepared. Sorry that I don't remember more specific examples - good luck!
  12. Hello All! I was wondering if anyone could provide clarification to whether or not you are allowed to get PRK or LASIK corrective surgeries after you are already a pilot - I would like to get corrective surgery eventually down the line so that I do not have to wear corrective lenses while flying. Please provide references if possible - I would like to read up on the topic.
  13. Think less specifically. More about the principals of how helicopters fly; which is why I suggested that YouTube channel. I don't recall anything that was aircraft specific other than something generic. Also make sure you study a bit about night flying, there were a few questions related to NVGs that stumped me. 18C brought up a very good resource - SAT test prep for math would be an excellent resource and should be easy to find one cheap.
  14. For the math portion you should focus your studying on college level algebra but also make sure you know simple things like long division as you do not have a calculator. You more than likely won't answer too many hidden figures questions before the time runs out (for reference I'm pretty sure I answered less than 10). I had zero aviation experience and still scored a 59 and was subsequently selected. I wouldn't stress, especially with the timeline you have to work with - I'd focus a bit on the stuff you feel uncomfortable with but I would spend more time reviewing your aviation knowledge. One really great resource that helped me along was the youtube channel "Helicopter Lessons in 10 Minutes or Less". Good luck with your SIFT and the board to follow!
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