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  1. Hello All! I was wondering if anyone could provide clarification to whether or not you are allowed to get PRK or LASIK corrective surgeries after you are already a pilot - I would like to get corrective surgery eventually down the line so that I do not have to wear corrective lenses while flying. Please provide references if possible - I would like to read up on the topic.
  2. Think less specifically. More about the principals of how helicopters fly; which is why I suggested that YouTube channel. I don't recall anything that was aircraft specific other than something generic. Also make sure you study a bit about night flying, there were a few questions related to NVGs that stumped me. 18C brought up a very good resource - SAT test prep for math would be an excellent resource and should be easy to find one cheap.
  3. For the math portion you should focus your studying on college level algebra but also make sure you know simple things like long division as you do not have a calculator. You more than likely won't answer too many hidden figures questions before the time runs out (for reference I'm pretty sure I answered less than 10). I had zero aviation experience and still scored a 59 and was subsequently selected. I wouldn't stress, especially with the timeline you have to work with - I'd focus a bit on the stuff you feel uncomfortable with but I would spend more time reviewing your aviation knowledge. One really great resource that helped me along was the youtube channel "Helicopter Lessons in 10 Minutes or Less". Good luck with your SIFT and the board to follow!
  4. Like everyone else said, only way to know is to try. With your dual bachelors degrees and solid LORs I'd guess you have a decent shot. I was street to seat as well and the acceptance rate on the board I was selected on was about 66%. Good luck brother!
  5. The cutoff for uncorrected vision for a flight physical is 20/70. It sounds like you will be fine without going to get an eye exam. You just have to be correctable to 20/20 which it sounds like you are. Don't think you have anything to stress over.
  6. Thank you for all the information! Super helpful. Do you have any recommended guides that should be studied prior to arriving?
  7. I figured that would be the case. I would assume there is some sort of process to get it administratively approved for certain circumstances if you have sufficient justification to show that you need to be near family.
  8. What did you figure out? I'd be curious to know just in case I ever need this information.
  9. Yeah I definitely was anxious too. Although looking through the forums here it seems like acceptance rates have been significantly higher than normal the last few boards. The May S2S board that I was selected on had an acceptance rate of about 66% so I'd say your odds are pretty good.
  10. You have solid stats, I'd guess third try should definitely do the trick. Good luck!
  11. Good Luck with your package! I am/was street to seat as well, I got selected on the May board. Based off your stats, I think package is solid assuming your flight physical comes back okay even without a fifth LOR. Side note, if you have had any tickets with a fine over $100 make sure your recruiter gets started on your moral waiver. (this delayed my package by two boards) here is the link for more information - U.S. ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND > In-Service Opportunities > U.S. Army Warrant Officer Recruiting > When Do I Apply? > Civilian (WOFT) Applicants Once again, good luck!
  12. Should I worry about getting one with cellular capabilities or will a regular ipad mini do the trick? also, any go-to accessories that I should track down - I think I read somewhere that a kneeboard is a must?
  13. I'm sure we'll cross paths then, looking forward to meeting you! I just looked and seen that you graduated WOCS back in March, why the huge delay?
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