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  1. I am new to the world of rotary wing aviation so I couldn’t quite give an adequate rebuttal to my friends accusation. I was discussing army aviation with a few buddies (just received their wings to fly jets). The 160th and their emphasis on “on target plus or minus 30 seconds” came up and the jet guys didn’t think that is very challenging as they explained “the aircraft can tell you what time you will be at a location and do that work for you.” I am not sure I buy that as some of the best pilots in the world seem to put a lot of emphasis on that ability. Can someone help explain why hitting a target within such a close time frame is much more difficult in a rotary wing aircraft?
  2. Awesome to hear! Congrats! What did your son compile and submit his packet in? A half inch three ring binder? Just trying to get my format down the best I can to give the best impression.
  3. The only item left to complete in my WOFT packet is my flight physical. Does anyone know if a flight physical conducted by a flight surgeon from another branch is accepted? My recruiter is trying to get me scheduled at the near by Air Force base with a flight surgeon to conduct my physical, and I just want to verify the board will still accept that physical as valid. Thanks for any advice!
  4. Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I am pursuing a WOFT selection, and I have recently passed the SIFT. I have a few questions about my packet as I gear up to submit it in the next 5 weeks in order to be eligible for the July 2021 board. First, do I have to go to MEPS and get a flight physical? (Only reason I ask is because my inexperienced recruiter told me I only needed a flight physical and regular MEPS wasn’t needed which didn’t sound right). Secondly, I have done a considerable amount of research from previous applicants who all had to submit a DA photo as well as a APFT score in their packet. However, I have heard that those two things are no longer required for review by the board, only to qualify the packet to be reviewed. Can anyone confirm that? Lastly, does anyone have the updated checklist for 2021? I couldn’t download it from the website. thank you for your help!
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