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  1. No, I haven't posted my stats. I planned on posting them when the results come out. Whether or not I got selected.
  2. I have next Friday - Mon off. I'm hoping this thread will inform me. Or I might just go back in on Friday, but then you know I will get stuck doing something. If I get to it first, I will post.
  3. The board dates I was given were the 17th to the 21st. Going on that timeline, they will be dropped next Firday, as they are still technically in session this Friday? I'm wondering is street to seat decided first then Active Duty? It would be interesting to find out.
  4. I am waiting, as well, for the verdict, but am AD. Does anyone know the reason as to why S2S gets notified first? This will be an awfully long wait if it is truly 2 weeks out.
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