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  1. Probably haha. I have refreshed almost every 15 mins since I got to class this morning.
  2. I was told it’s usually the Friday after the board, but they have up to 12 days to release the message. You’re probably right though. I am just hopeful.
  3. Well maybe we will all know tomorrow if we have made it yet or not
  4. Doubtful… my buddy was selected in the May board and got a Feb WOCS date
  5. Congrats! That’s awesome. Now the AD Milper just needs to be posted.
  6. The board is finally here, now another 2ish weeks to find out the results. Good luck everyone! AGE: 31 RANK: SGT(P)/ 5 Years TIS ASVAB GT: 112 SIFT: 45 APFT: 270 EDUCATION: 29 Credits, 3.85 GPA FLIGHT: No Hours BOARD: July 2021 LOR: CW3 (OIC), O-3 (CO CDR), O-5 (BN CDR), CW4 (AV), CW5 (AV), O-6 (AV) PHYSICAL: Stamped
  7. For the board with your SRB being apart of the packet I would think it would need to match and be in DTMS to reflect the same.
  8. SGT(P) 5 YEARS ACTIVE DUTY AGE: 31 ASVAB GT: 112 SIFT: 45 APFT: 270 EDUCATION: 29 Credits - 3.67 GPA FLIGHT: NO HOURS BOARD: JULY 2021 LOR: CW3, CW4, CW5, O-3, O-5, O-6 PHYSICAL: Stamped
  9. There is no board for august at all. I’m AD for the July board but they’re the same dates. From what I’ve been told Monday and Tuesday of the board are for S2S and Wednesday to Friday are for active duty. They will have earlier deadlines most likely so they can make the final deadlines. The upcoming board dates are: 26-30 July 2021 (19Jul21 usarec deadline) 20-24 Sep 2021 (13Sep21 usarec deadline) 15-19 Nov 2021 (08Nov21 usarec deadline) I would get another recruiter and/ or voice your concerns to that recruiting stations 1SG or CDR. ICE complaints are also an option and they take those things pretty seriously to an extent.
  10. Talking to my Recruiter, a CW5 who use to sit on the board... Being a SSG looks better for you. Being a 27 year old SSG shows you’re mature and motivated. If your waiver was approved, the board will never even see it and your packet will be just like everyone else’s so there’s no bias... good luck! I’m in the July board as well. Our stats are pretty much the same just I’m 30 years old, 5 years TIS and SGT-P
  11. Is there a way to see how many AD applied? Or does anyone know how many on average apply? Good luck everyone. I’ll be in the July board.
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