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  1. One more thought popped into my head this evening. I received an ADHD diagnosis last year and from research saw that a waiver is normally required. Does this apply to those that are doing an interservice transfer? I was prescribed with adderall with my diagnosis, but have weened myself off of it and found other ways to retain focus.
  2. I got the letter that will go up with my conditional release typed up today. I’ll read over it again and revise if necessary with a hopeful submission to my company command deck by Thursday or Friday. I’m decently convinced that the initial endorsement from my battalion commander will not recommend the package before submitting it the the Regiment. I also made comms with the WO recruiting team at JBLM today.
  3. Good Day Gentlemen, I’m an active duty Marine E-6 looking to start the process to perform an interservice transfer and complete the WOFT program. The process seems decently straight forward, but I have a question to see if anyone else has encountered this. I talked to my Battery 1stSgt in regards to getting a conditional release and was told that the command would immediately deny it. His recommended action is that I wait until my EAS in August of 2022 to execute the move and to start working with an Army recruiter prior to then so I would be able to execute the move the day after my EAS. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Advice?
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