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  1. I wonder why it’s taking so long…I think the unofficial results are in.
  2. Nice! Now hopefully this waiting game will be over soon.
  3. I guess we have to wait ANOTHER weekend…this wait is cruel.
  4. Agreed. 90% of active duty that get picked up are between E-5, and E-6. I think they like the experience that we bring to the table, it balances everything out since they accept people straight out of high school, junior enlisted, etc. They just want to make sure you’re young enough to fulfill the TIS obligation since that’s been a struggle for them with keeping pilots in.
  5. That’s crazy, I’m only 27 lol. But when you look at the selection list, most that get picked up are SSGs. So I’m hoping the proven track record and experience work in my favor.
  6. What were some of the things you changed between your first and third look?
  7. Applied for the July board. The waiting game is killing me because this is something I want really bad. SSG, 8 yrs (AFS waiver) SIFT: 45 GT: 115 APFT: 290 NCOERs: all highly qualified (4), 3 top 10% ratings. NCOERs show improvement and growth and get better with each rating period. Various leadership positions: Remedial PT instructor, Platoon SGT, Recovery NCOIC, Section Sergeant, etc Rotations to Germany, Korea, Poland. Distinguished Honor Grad at ALC, 93% GPA for BLC. 63 college credits toward a B.S. Strong letters of recommendations - CO, BC, CW5 CCWO. Very confident in my resume/summary, LORs, also my school evaluations reports, worried about my test scores. I obviously can’t retake the SIFT. Had a 115 GT score since I first enlisted, is it worth retaking it for a higher GT score? At this point I’m open to any suggestions to make my packet more competitive.
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