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  1. 9 minutes ago, FrankieGoes2Hllywood said:

    No I hadn't yet. 

    127 GT, 60 SIFT, 68 credits towards bachelors with 3.1 GPA. All my NCOERs are highly qualified and my 3 SSG ones are all pretty strong and am rated #1 for all 3. LOR from O3, O5, and CW3. I have approved AFS waiver, and my physical was good no waivers.

    Nice! Now hopefully this waiting game will be over soon. 

  2. 53 minutes ago, FrankieGoes2Hllywood said:

    It's cruel to make us wait until next week. My glimmer of hope is fading fast for the results to come out today,

    55 minutes ago, FrankieGoes2Hllywood said:

    It's cruel to make us wait until next week. My glimmer of hope is fading fast for the results to come out today,

    Did you share your stats? Good luck 

  3. 17 hours ago, KennyO said:

    Your stats are all good enough. No offense to earlier comments, but I wouldn't worry about GT improvement or comparing to street to seat. 


    If for some reason you're not selected, it's probably just a numbers game or you have some kind of negative records you aren't mentioning. We also can't judge what you wrote in resume, or how much you churches up your duty positions, etc., but keep in mind if they're looking at a stack of applicants, what makes you special? 

    Remedial PT instructor sounds pretty lame, compared to the rest of the things you listed. Plenty of ways to highlight your performance and duties in a way that makes you stand out. Platoon sergeant can be because there was nobody else around and you were just showing up to work collecting a paycheck, or it can be you were selected amongst your peers as a SSG, and accomplished XYZ, improving not only Platoon but the Company/BN, because XYZ. 


    As humbly as you can, brag about your accomplishments. 


    If you're a dumdum like me, write stuff out in word in dumdum talk, then start from the top and literally just right click and check synonyms for the words you used for that extra razzle dazzle.


    Good luck, you'll probably be fine. 

    Thank you. Valid points

  4. On 6/4/2021 at 11:40 AM, Sierra-Romeo said:

    Street to Seat

    AGE: 36

    ASVAB GT: 126

    SIFT: 68

    EDUCATION: Grad School

    FLIGHT: 1800hrs, CFII ASEL

    BOARD: JULY 2021

    LOR: Most of them are my instructors and colleagues, Marine O-5 (ret), Navy O-5 (ret), My chief Flight Instructor (civilian), My primary flight instructor who was also a 20 year Air Force veteran and USAR SOF O3


    Good Luck y'all!

    Good Luck

  5. 2 hours ago, JMac said:

    Talking to my Recruiter, a CW5 who use to sit on the board... Being a SSG looks better for you. Being a 27 year old SSG shows you’re mature and motivated. If your waiver was approved, the board will never even see it and your packet will be just like everyone else’s so there’s no bias... good luck! I’m in the July board as well. Our stats are pretty much the same just I’m 30 years old, 5 years TIS and SGT-P

    Agreed. 90% of active duty that get picked up are between E-5, and E-6. I think they like the experience that we bring to the table, it balances everything out since they accept people straight out of high school, junior enlisted, etc. They just want to make sure you’re young enough to fulfill the TIS obligation since that’s been a struggle for them with keeping pilots in. 

  6. 26 minutes ago, RouterRanger said:

    Nah man you're good. Its completely up to your competition. Only thing that sucks is you're a SSG. Lower ranking dudes have more longevity usually, and less bad habits to unlearn. You got it :)

    That’s crazy, I’m only 27 lol. But when you look at the selection list, most that get picked up are SSGs. So I’m hoping the proven track record and experience work in my favor. 

  7. 5 hours ago, inquisitor90 said:

    Street to Seat

    AGE: 30

    ASVAB: 92

    GT: 127

    SIFT: 55

    OPAT: Heavy

    EDUCATION: Bachelors from Spain Translation and Interpreting recognized by NACES 3.0. GPA

    4.0 GPA masters in Diplomacy and International Relations non recognized by NACES

    FLIGHT: Private Pilot 94 hours and will accumulate more, hopefully IR rating by board (will update logbook closer to board)

    LORS:  Aviation CW4, Aviation CW3, Regional Airport Director, Air Force LTC C17 Pilot, clients(I am a contractor): Company CEO, Company VP former clients wirh over 5 years of rapport/work relation.

    OTHER INFO: has owned a business for the last 7 years. Speaks 5 languages. 

    PHYSICAL: Class 1W Stamped at Rucker approved with ETP 

    Good Luck

  8. 17 hours ago, Ewoski said:


    Happy to be finally posting on this thread.. Selected on my third look

    AGE : 30

    RANK : E-7 - 89B

    TIS: 9.5 years Active Duty

    GT : 121

    SIFT : 46

    APFT : 292

    EDUCATION : 45 Credits, 2.8 GPA

    PHYSICAL : Stamped

    LOR : O-4, O-5, CW4, CW5 CCWO


    NCOERs: 1: MQ, 5: HQ, 1: 2-2

    WAIVERS : AFS, Moral (Approved)

    What were some of the things you changed between your first and third look? 

  9. Applied for the July board. The waiting game is killing me because this is something I want really bad. 

    SSG, 8 yrs (AFS waiver) 

    SIFT: 45

    GT: 115

    APFT: 290 

    NCOERs: all highly qualified (4), 3 top 10% ratings. NCOERs show improvement and growth and get better with each rating period. 

    Various leadership positions: Remedial PT instructor, Platoon SGT, Recovery NCOIC, Section Sergeant, etc 

    Rotations to Germany, Korea, Poland. 

    Distinguished Honor Grad at ALC, 93% GPA for BLC. 

    63 college credits toward a B.S. 

    Strong letters of recommendations - CO, BC, CW5 CCWO. 

    Very confident in my resume/summary, LORs, also my school evaluations reports, worried about my test scores. I obviously can’t retake the SIFT. Had a 115 GT score since I first enlisted, is it worth retaking it for a higher GT score? At this point I’m open to any suggestions to make my packet more competitive. 

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