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  1. COVID shouldn't DQ you, but definitely want to get a negative Covid test before going to get your physical done. They're different medical system so if WOFT is something you're after you'll be fine. You may want to try and get another physical done with where you are before you throw in the towel if you've already been accepted for fixed-wing.
  2. I want to fly the Defiant, not the scoutty boi or the raider. But who knows! I'm going to try anyway
  3. Ahhh okay thats pretty cool. I never got that chance at Bragg unfortunately. I thought maybe there was a freeze or pause on it due to Covid. Oh well.
  4. My goal is to do SOAR and maybe play with little birds in the future perhaps. I'm really interested in the new airframes coming out and the direct line of succession to those airframes is the Blackhawk. No real interest in CAS. Still very cool though.
  5. Its just crazy that they accepted you, and then changed their mind. I also got picked up close to a year after my first one and had to re-certify before going to WOCS, and I required an age waiver initially; safe to say I was also stressing, but my second one got through. I'd just keep doing it man. That or just show up as normal with your old one and be like "oops" and maybe they'll do a phys at Rucker? Who knows.
  6. Wtf SERE bypass? How'd you figure that out? What class are you in? Most of the courses after WOBC are managed by Rucker so...
  7. Sounds like someone didn't get high on the OML lmao
  8. TBH man, I would keep trying. Have you attempted re-doing and submitting a flight phys from scratch from the same place and/or a different clinic to see if you can get it to slip through (and don't even mention that other thing we don't speak of?) They definitely need pilots. Might as well keep trying.
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