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  1. As someone who is in, and was also selected; GT score unimportant. You over 110, you're good, SIFT score you can't do anything about, but 48 is fine. People have been selected with worse. Pray. My stats were wild the first time and I didn't get picked, second time around (like next month after) bam, was picked. Its just random AF.
  2. Yeah technically, for a PT test, by regulation you need 4 people to take it. We know that doesn't always happen, but for covering thine ass (since I would never coerce someone to break the rules) you should get some peeps to take it with you, even if for THEM its not a record test. As for it matching; if you submit an SRB and you're including weapons or ACFT/APFT, DTMS access (or someone with access to make the changes) is needed. If they don't match, then you'll run into the same issue of "anyone can make this DA 705; why wouldn't you". The SRB matching the 705 is the golden ticket. If anything, make a DA 705 that matches your SRB and you'll be fine; or someone in your Orderly Room/Training room should have access to make the changes. If you know someone @ the BN or BDE that has access to your unit, you can always take your DA 705 to them and just say that no one in your OPS has access. Have them update and select "Verify" and your SRB will reflect usually within 48 hours As for the S1 comment, that is also an option, however the system defaults to the DTMS information. If you have S1 change it in eMilpo, you may break the connection between DTMS and/or subject your SRB to reverting to what is on DTMS. That being said, if you have both pieces of paper and they match for the board, you're gucci!
  3. There was a post in early June that SPC and CPL may volunteer to take an APFT if they plan on attending an NCOES or if they are trying to increase their points for promotion (but the test was voluntary). The trick is finding three other people to take one with you (per the regulation in FM 7-22) to make it a record. I hope you know someone with DTMS access.
  4. Yo I'm not trying to dredge up old posts, but is this dude still around because holy sh*t. HILARIOUS
  5. Tell him hes wrong. These are open to everyone. That being said, you may not make that one because you need a ton of meetings and what not with like a BC etc etc. If you already have that, then theres no reason you can't apply. Here are the reqs. https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/Civilian_WOFT/ To be honest, I don't see why you couldn't just submit them to the WO email yourself? But I imagine the S2S has a different submission path so your results may vary.
  6. no but if you're non-select twice, you have to wait a year.
  7. This is what I meant. Longevity after the 10 year ADSO. They obviously require the 10 years, but they're just bleeding pilots. They WANT SPC/SGT to come in because of their time ahead, but right now obviously SGT and SSG are more qualified so they're getting picked up. Just what I'm hearing from little birds friend.
  8. Hey yall. Got accepted on May board; any AD guys out there wondering, the school date I got was for Feb 15 2022. Did anyone else get something different?
  9. I'm talking as far as 153A goes. Maybe they did pickup a bunch of SSG this time around; the one before was tons of junior guys and like 3 SSG. I'm thinking the mantra is changing though. I think it makes more sense to pickup E5's and E6's. I picked up on the May board with an Age Waiver so its def possible
  10. Nah man you're good. Its completely up to your competition. Only thing that sucks is you're a SSG. Lower ranking dudes have more longevity usually, and less bad habits to unlearn. You got it
  11. Why do you say next year? Can you only apply once a year for S2S? I don't like this. You can know inside info all you want, but if you want to differentiate yourself, there are some key factors., and no amount of preparation can make the difference sometimes. Making it on your first go is by the flip of a coin, the quality of the other applicants vs you. Sometimes people are just more qualified and that's just the way it is. Shoot me what you got, and maybe we can discord chat. If you cut the mustard, maybe we can get you talking to some good guys that have an actual say.
  12. This man Army's; he forgot to mention it will more-than-likely be a needs-of-the-army position (IE you don't choose it) so humble yourself in your Army schools and don't fail.
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