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  1. COVID shouldn't DQ you, but definitely want to get a negative Covid test before going to get your physical done. They're different medical system so if WOFT is something you're after you'll be fine. You may want to try and get another physical done with where you are before you throw in the towel if you've already been accepted for fixed-wing.
  2. I want to fly the Defiant, not the scoutty boi or the raider. But who knows! I'm going to try anyway
  3. Ahhh okay thats pretty cool. I never got that chance at Bragg unfortunately. I thought maybe there was a freeze or pause on it due to Covid. Oh well.
  4. My goal is to do SOAR and maybe play with little birds in the future perhaps. I'm really interested in the new airframes coming out and the direct line of succession to those airframes is the Blackhawk. No real interest in CAS. Still very cool though.
  5. Its just crazy that they accepted you, and then changed their mind. I also got picked up close to a year after my first one and had to re-certify before going to WOCS, and I required an age waiver initially; safe to say I was also stressing, but my second one got through. I'd just keep doing it man. That or just show up as normal with your old one and be like "oops" and maybe they'll do a phys at Rucker? Who knows.
  6. Wtf SERE bypass? How'd you figure that out? What class are you in? Most of the courses after WOBC are managed by Rucker so...
  7. Sounds like someone didn't get high on the OML lmao
  8. TBH man, I would keep trying. Have you attempted re-doing and submitting a flight phys from scratch from the same place and/or a different clinic to see if you can get it to slip through (and don't even mention that other thing we don't speak of?) They definitely need pilots. Might as well keep trying.
  9. I guess what it comes down to is was there really a spondyolisis indicator there in the first place. Was it a mistake of there's seeing that? Also when you lapsed, did they make you do an Xray again?
  10. I was in same boat brother. I'm coming from Bragg and own my place there. Our initial plan was to leave them at Bragg and I'll just do the Rucker thing myself. The issue is I probably wouldn't get any barracks/on-base housing without having to sacrifice BAH. The big thing for me was I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old and that kinda sealed the deal. I don't want to be gone from them for a year when that's going to happen for deployments anyway. We ended up renting our place out at Bragg, and secured Off-post Housing at Rucker. It should be nice. My recommendation is if you own property, do the work and rent it (great market for it right now) and have them come with you to give you a support system; then choose if you want to live on or off post. Good luck fam!
  11. AGE : 33 SERVICE : AD, MOS 25N, SGT(P) - 4+ yrs TIS GT: 128 SIFT: 61 Flight: None APFT: 290 EDUCATION : Bachelors Degree: Media Arts & Animation PHYSICAL : Stamped, Waiver for Age LOR : CPT, LTCOL, CW4, MSG, CPT AWARDS : ARCOM x1, AAM x4 SELECTED: First Look, June 2021
  12. I would second this. Let them disqualify you; don't DQ yourself, and never answer questions they don't ask you. People told me as a kid that I had ADHD, and even put me on Ridalin in 3rd grade. They didn't realize that I was just high functioning early; and I never fit into the mold of public education. If you can operate without medication, you're probably fine. Just because they can, doesn't mean they will. Its probably more for people with genetic conditions, depression and mental illness, or major surgeries that they do not disclose from highschool or college sports. Army has been having to pay out the nose for medical separations and paying people for life over a "service connected injury". Can't blame them.
  13. So what's the point in even showing the airframes that are NG/AR (cuz those are guaranteed to them). I would like to fly anything but the Apache. lmao I will finish high in my class for sure Seems based on numbers that 60's cover 60% of the available airframes.
  14. Does anyone even want the C12? It looks like the 60's have the most numbers, and fortunately thats what I'd like to fly
  15. What class are you going for? The RFO states you can arrive up to 24 days early (12 days on either end of the travel). If you're vaccinated (jokes on you; you are) then you arrive on the day of. The first few days are inprocessing and indoc. If you are PCS (RWA so...you are) I would recommend getting there a bit early to verify your packing list, and asking the cadre @ 1st WOCS if theres any extra sh*t you should have or be prepared for.
  16. Technically it isn't; Usually ARNG and AR have priority; but also time here is dependent on airframe after IERW.
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