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  1. I swore in today! Ship date is 11/1 for a 11/8 start date at Jackson. My Rucker date is 2/8/22 @FAQ_Guy 12Looks like we are in the same class
  2. @FAQ_Guy 12 Congrats! I'm going to MEPS on Wednesday. Did they let you pick start dates or was it what ever they gave you?
  3. My Recruiter called me and said I got in! Swearing in on Wednesday
  4. Street to Seat AGE: 36 ASVAB GT: 126 SIFT: 68 EDUCATION: Grad School FLIGHT: 1800hrs, CFII ASEL BOARD: JULY 2021 LOR: Most of them are my instructors and colleagues, Marine O-5 (ret), Navy O-5 (ret), My chief Flight Instructor (civilian), My primary flight instructor who was also a 20 year Air Force veteran and USAR SOF O3 WAIVERS: AGE Good Luck y'all!
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