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  1. I’m open to doing the CFI add on too, just for the robbies id need 200RW hrs. to instruct in them, unless I’m missing something?
  2. Perhaps they were rote, or so procedural in their flying they were almost rote. I have some hours already, and in cruise it’s really not that different, weather, DA, airspace, general procedures, lots of the systems, it’s still flying a wing, if you actually understand WHY you’re lowering the collective and honestly grasp what it does, a auto rotation and a engine failure in a plane are pretty similar, AOA of your wing fixed or moving) and energy mgmt. we shall see, I think lots of the translation issues are from people who just learn to procedure or regurgitate theory
  3. So typically what are the mins for these operators? Do many have the anyone the chief pilot approves mins? I know quite a few 135s and some 91s on the FW side of the house have that
  4. “Part 61 SFAR No. 73Robinson R-22 / R-44 Special Training and Experience Requirements .... (5) No certificated flight instructor may provide instruction or conduct a flight review in a Robinson R-22 or R-44 unless that instructor— (i) Completes the awareness training in paragraph (2)(a) of this SFAR. (ii) For the Robinson R-22, has had at least 200 flight hours in helicopters, at least 50 flight hours of which were in the Robinson R-22, or for the Robinson R-44, has had at least 200 flight hours in helicopters, 50 flight hours of which were in Robinson helicopters. Up to 25
  5. Thanks Id still need 200RW time for the SFAR to instruct no? Have you heard of any of the R44 tour operators letting a candidate ride/fly right or left seat on 2 pax flights with one of their higher time pilots who is also a CFI in the right seat to help build hours to mins?
  6. Thus is the internet I guess Any thoughts on me getting a seat with a tour company with my experience?
  7. plank? With those hours, pretty good chance, obviously entry level stuff, like the FW version of what I’m talking about, say banner tow, 182 Dropzone, CFI, I don’t think you’d have that hard of a time. The biggest issue you might have is your attitude, I’ve seen in some people just better diet and exercise can make them feel better about themselves and help improve their outward attitude towards others. Legit I’d be happy to recommend a drop zone, diet and gym if you like
  8. Hey guys, first time poster, just getting into RW Got a question for y'all, I'm currently a 5k tt fixed wing ATP and CFI, working at a nice part 91 fixed wing gig, good amount of low level experience, and odd ball flying, my flying job allows me a good amount of free time, so I want to monopolize on my open time and do something I always wanted, getting into in the RW world. I found a 141 school, 30hrs and I could get my CPL RW add on, mins I know, all of that would be in a R22 minus the instrument time which would be in the R44, for a bit more money I could do it all in the 44,
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