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  1. PRJ, thank you very much for that detailed response. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks very much for all of your help answering my questions, Disguise.
  3. Thanks very much, Disguise. I appreciate your help BTW, do you know if helicopters have an engine failure siren that beeps?
  4. Thanks, Disguise Delimit. The helicopter is crashing because it was sent to pick the "heroes" in the book up from an island where a volcano is erupting. The chopper can't stay long because the ash will destroy the engine, and as they are flying away, some rocks that the volcano spewed slams through the cockpit window killing the pilot. One of the people he picked up actually flew this type of chopper before. Although it's an action adventure book, I'm trying to make this part as realistic as I can.
  5. Well, Hobie, that is fine, you don't have to comment any longer, but no offense was meant. I was simply making it clear why the person flying the chopper didn't know the call-sign of it since the actual pilot of said craft would know it.
  6. Thanks very much, guys, I appreciate your help on this. Do these helicopters have engine failure beeps? And if it's crashing, do they send out a mayday, or would they have to know the call-sign of the helicopter? I'd like to put a mayday in the book, but since the pilot gets killed, the person who takes his place is familiar with this type of chopper but not the call-sign.
  7. I'm writing a book, and a small part of it has to do with a westland sea king about to crash into the ocean. It's probably about 100 feet or so from crashing. Many of the cockpit window frames were shattered, so if the pilot wasn't wearing their seatbelt, would they likely be sucked out, or would air be pushing into the cockpit? Also, what would the pilot have to do in order to set the craft down as gently as possible in the water? I saw the interior of the chopper, and it has two pilot seats. Does it actually NEED two pilots or can one person fly it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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