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  1. Helonorth, I was responding to 500E specifically, but your comments were very valid as well. But I’ve also been talking personally to several folks I know the the helicopter services industry, specifically power line work. Which is also dangerous. But if I think about it, any real “work” with external loads amps up the risk factors.
  2. Yeah, it’s sounds like these ops are very much on the risky side of the scale, even when done right. It’s hard on equipment and people. And the environmental conditions are the worst. So that is a real gut check right there. And that’s probably why there are relatively few that do it. It’s a very interesting perspective, thank you!
  3. ….start with a big one. Or so the saying goes I’ve heard. I’m a low hours private fixed wing pilot that has had some success in business. I’ve had an opportunity come my way to invest in a 133, 135, 137 helicopter operation focused mainly on wildfire services up the the Rocky Mountain region. Let’s assume the business is managed well and efficiently. Generally speaking, is aviation a good, decent, or horrible idea? The goal would be to spin off enough profit to pay my mortgage, a good salary for a hired pilot, and maybe set something aside to slowly grow the fleet to two, three, or even four aircraft. My current business is highly regulated, capital intensive, high barrier to entry, and technical which seems similar to that of a helicopter business. So it seems like a good fit for my management background. Aviation; guaranteed money pit or good opportunity?
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