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  1. Title says it all. I haven't reported yet to Rucker, but I'm at my house in Enterprise already still on PCS leave. I know I have WOCS end of FEB, WOBC part A end of APR. But that's all I know at this point. I will be a SERE bypass, so I won't have to worry about that portion. Just wondering when you generally find out when you start common core.
  2. Take this with a grain of salt but a friend of mine told me you can report early and if there's room sometimes they'll be able to get you in to an earlier class. Might be something to contact the WOCS company about. This was also pre-COVID
  3. Take this with a grain of salt as I am active duty and never been NG. I would think you would need to get some sort of letter of release from your state. Best bet is to talk to someone with warrant officer recruiting, as well as someone at your unit that you can trust not to screw you over about going AD.
  4. At home I couldn't get it to open on chrome. I went to work and it opened fine on internet explorer.
  5. I got my RFO today. I have a report date of about 3 weeks before my WOCS class date.
  6. Drew, Articulate your past/current performance and your potential as an aviator. Keep it short, sweet, and right to the point. If you DM me your email I can send you the one that I used for my packet. The warrant that wrote mine did it himself though, I interviewed with him and then he sent me the LOR back the next day so what I have is not what I wrote at all. Mine was from a CW3 and it was pretty good I think. My O3 LOR was also very good, but I wrote that one myself. My O5 LOR was not bad, but it wasn't great either. In the end, I got selected first look. But the common theme for all 3 of mine and for others that I have seen is they are not super long or wordy, and right tot he point. Past performance and potential as AWO.
  7. 22 February for my WOCS start 22 April for my WOBC start
  8. Honestly it won't be that bad. You will be in the BEQs not the barracks with the actual privates. Unless there is no space for you, then that would suck. You will have your phone when not in training. The drills will leave you alone, you might get f*cked up during the pickup, but that's it. You'll probably be looked at to be a leader by the drills and looked up to by the privates. I just came off the trail in July at Benning, we always treated the NCOs we had well. I can't imagine any other basic training post would be any different since we are all under 350-6 Just don't be a dick, dont act like you are hot sh*t (even if you are), be respectful to the drills even if you have E5 drills. if you are squared away, and a good dude (or dudette) then the drills will let you do basically whatever you want.
  9. Yea no kidding! Im supposed to report to Bragg in 1 month exactly. I hope they cancel those orders, im not trying to PCS just to PCS again.
  10. It’s a fake I’m sure. They just want us to think they are at work.
  11. Every time they see someone talking about when the results are released either here, warrant Facebook page, or reddit, they add 1 hour to the time they are gonna actually release it.
  12. You will probably be done traveling by the time we actually get them πŸ˜’
  13. This wait is turning into cruel and unusual. The Army loves to Make you wait and suffer
  14. No I hadn't yet. 127 GT, 60 SIFT, 68 credits towards bachelors with 3.1 GPA. All my NCOERs are highly qualified and my 3 SSG ones are all pretty strong and am rated #1 for all 3. LOR from O3, O5, and CW3. I have approved AFS waiver, and my physical was good no waivers.
  15. It's cruel to make us wait until next week. My glimmer of hope is fading fast for the results to come out today,
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