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  1. Lindsey, I definitely know of people that were able to get checked out in-cockpit to determine if they would be able to fly or not. Don't let this get you down. Out of high school, I was listed as permanently disqualified for military service because of childhood asthma. It took 4 tries to get into the Army and another to get into aviation but I'm here now. You keep at it long enough and you'll eventually get in. Good luck. Blake
  2. Nobody's really supposed to give you any information about it. I will tell you that you will learn everything you need to know before you need to put that knowledge to use. Really...don't stress about it. You have a few steps to get through before you get there. Good luck, Blake
  3. The less you do to prepare for it the better. Don't listen to people that try to give you advice (even though I guess this is advice too). Just roll with it. It's really different for everybody. How hard it is kinda depends on your outlook. Blake
  4. Thanks. I just found out what it is. For anyone else who may be looking for this, here is the patch they are currently wearing on their shoulder.
  5. What patch does 4-6 Cav wear on their shoulder. I have been looking and I can't figure it out. Is it the unicorn or the crossed sabers?
  6. Haha. The sandbag thing really isn't that far off. Yep. My name's Blake. Blake
  7. For males, they compare neck size to waist size. A lot of people beef up their necks if they have a hard time making weight and then they pass tape. Blake
  8. My advice is to apply in September. If you're not selected, your packet will go to the next board automatically. At least that's the way it was when I applied. Blake
  9. I didn't have any of this for my flight physical but if you're just coming into the military, you may have to do the duck walk and similar things. Basically, just squat down to where your butt is between your ankles and walk forward. I't been a while but I think that's all I had to do when I first came in. Blake
  10. It's on the test. You don't have much time to complete this section though so if you did have it memorized it would make you much faster,
  11. Keep in mind that the needs of the Army changes. They might not need as many aviators or for some reason they may have just skimmed the packet or any number of things. My point is that you shouldn't get discouraged. I had the same issue my first board FQ-NS. I was picked up for the second though. Just relax. If you don't get selected on the second board, wait the required amount of time and then resubmit it. Lots of people do that. Blake
  12. It took me several tries to get in. I had asthma as a kid and after the first time applying, I was listed as permanently disqualified for military service. On my fifth try, I got in the Army (enlisted) and then tried again and got into flight school. Keep at it. All they can do is keep telling you no. Good luck. Blake
  13. The best thing that prior flight time will get you is basic air sense (traffic patterns, airspace, radios, etc...). You can get this from fixed-wing too. The control touch is different but the Army will teach you to fly their way anyway. I would recommend at least a couple of hours in the air just to see if this is really something you want to commit to. I don't think it's critical for you packet though. There are plenty of other things you can do to improve your packet if you can't afford flight time. Good luck. Blake
  14. I'm not sure if it has changed, but when I put my packet together, if you weren't selected the packet went to the next board automatically. If you weren't selected after the second board, you had to resubmit your packet. If that is still the case, you don't really need to "pick" September or October.
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