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  1. Got my email as well, hard to describe the feeling. See you guys down the road, PM me when you get class dates!
  2. I was a young infantryman salty about recruiting the first 2(not a real excuse, just the truth), the 3rd I was a top recruiter but didn’t get along with the toxic guy in charge. Got my NCOER today and it’s MQ. #1 as well. Thank you for the advice, I will definitely try to turn that negative evaluation in to a constructive experience.
  3. 2nd look, pending updates in appropriate section. AGE: 30 TIS: Active Duty, 10yrs+ RANK: SSG MOS 79R/Prior 11B DEPLOYMENTS: 2 EDUCATION: 94 credits 3.0GPA GT: 119 SIFT: 62 APFT: 291/556 NCOERs: HQx3 Qx3, 1,1x2(old system) (Adding MQ) LOR: O-3 CO, O-5 BC, CW5 CCWO, O-10 AF retired, (Adding O-4 Army Aviator, E-8 11B Prior PLT Sergeant) PHYSICAL: Stamped 1W no waivers FLIGHT: None WAIVERS: AFS ETP Good luck to everyone, 1st and 2nd timers, and S2S as well.
  4. PM me you’re name. Share point unavailable currently but I can check when it comes up.
  5. Yes you can transition over to AD. The most important piece of paperwork is a DD Form 368, conditional release. It’s a form that needs to be signed by the first GO in your CoC(someone lower may have sig authority in your state). You go through an Army Recruiter.
  6. Retired AF Chief of Staff. Got lucky with well connected people and secured an interview.
  7. AGE:30 TIS:AD 10yrs RANK: SSG ED: 109 credits 3.0GPA WAIVERS: AFS ETP LOR: O-3, O-5, CW5 , 0-10 GT:119 SIFT:62 APFT: 291/556 PHYSICAL: 1W stamped no waivers. Flight: None
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