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  1. What about the magenta rocket? That one is pretty fresh too.
  2. Just make sure watch has dual time. I have used this watch for 6 years straight (I have even super glued the rubber back down on the face)..... I still wear it now on and off.. http://www.timex.com/watches/expedition-chrono-alarm-timer-t40941 the best part about this watch is its, single button access to another time zone which you will obviously put zulu/utc time in. It's perfect. You get a quick glance at that zulu time that you only use for aviation.
  3. Too busy teaching Fixed Wing ground because there are no helicopters in my area...... But it is still 40 times better than anything else not related to aviation.
  4. Yes. Lost VA accreditation, did not meet the 80% VA students to 20% civilian or whatever the ratio was. It seemed like the VA is out to have flight schools shut down because of how much it is costing them. Even though Blue Sky didn't offer the ridiculous night vision and turbine transition that other schools offer which is what's making the VA fork out so much money. Blue sky cost about $90k of tax payer money and got you from Private to CFII in about a year or a little more.
  5. Fresno has Mazzei (or Mazzie,) flight school and American helicopters I believe. Bakersfield has fixed wing and SRT helicopters, some people have mixed feelings about SRT though. I think there is some type of aeronautics college opening in Bakersfield but I think it's fixed wing only. Blue Sky aviation use to exist in Tulare but they closed down. There might be a few left overs that can give you instruction though in a r44. Just pm if interested. I could try and find out. The might be a school at Castle airport. Not sure if it ever opened.
  6. You are over thinking it...... He/she just wants to buy a helicopter because it will be cheaper to train him/herself in it than actually paying for rental cost..... plus when they get done training and they are a CFII then they can use the helicopter to make money. That's all there is too it! LOL. Just joking. no one get offended please.
  7. I am just going to wait for the Vietnam era pilots to retire..... Then the industry will be dying to hire me at my 400 hours...
  8. Planning.....just looking at options. I don't think I would be stealing work from the only other helicopter operator (SRT Helo). I do not think that he capitalizes on what the area has to offer and I think he is fairly busy. Like I have said before I believe there is an untouched (small) market for helicopters in this area. It is so small it's not worth the risk for me, I've decided.
  9. Bakersfield, CA. Southern San Joaquin Valley. Students wouldn't be the main source of income. Doing random flights and flying frost would be the most income, I would assume.
  10. Thank you for the input. I am also thinking of doing this part time as well. Trying to average around 30 hours a month would be good. If I loose a little money then it would still be worth it as well, since this is my only way to fly. I am stuck in a bad spot for the next few years, just looking for options to fly. I realized that doing anything else drives me crazy.
  11. I was wondering if some of you could post a few reputable leasing companies on this forum. I want to crunch some numbers. Must of the "numbers" so far, tell me its a terrible idea and way to much risk and money, but I just want to make sure. Looking for an R-22. I don't think I can meet 40 hours a month. At least not at first. From my understanding their is a monthly minimum of hours I need to fly. Not sure if this can vary depending on who I lease from. Thank you for your time and providing me information. Much appreciated.
  12. Just always be on the controls at first....lol. That's what I did. Honestly, it will be scary the first few flights. I was super excited then the student picked up off the pad, and that's when I realized I was the actual PIC and I had a mini panic attack.....LOL. The student had no idea though. Never trust the student. Just always remember that people make mistakes. Be ready to take controls, and not just try to correct the problem. Especially in a auto. Remember this around 350 hours. Congrats. Enjoy it.
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