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  1. RDRickster I operate in the DC area not in the ENG per say but other types of photo, video, mapping types of work and we fly under a waiver after a very detail background ckeck. Hope someone flying a ENG contract in that area will jump in here. :jump fire: :cheers: (Thanks Rey for the new forum)
  2. It usually depends on how much time you have in helicopters and your total time, also what your history is with the insurance company. ???
  3. Thanx for the advice on the 500. Have been flying it and have a local 500 shop doing the first 100 hr. and go over it with us with a fine tooth comb. Tali rotor feathering bearings/bushings on order, don't really care for the 4 bladed t/r like the 2 bladed. Keep MX. or flying tips coming! :bowdown:
  4. : unclesam: Thanks for the advice on the MD-500, any more would be great.
  5. JUst purchased a 500-E and was wondering if we should send our Bell mechanic to MD for MX training or hire a very experienced 500 mechanic. Also what are the areas to keep an extra eye on?
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