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  1. Just wondering if anyone here has ever worked for or trained with Flight Safety Int'l, specifically their DFW location. I'm looking for some insight into their operation.
  2. I talked with Applebee Aviation back in 2012 when I was fresh out of CDL School with Class A Hazmat/tankers endorsed. They do some Ag work, but It sounded like they wanted their drivers/groundcrew to have experience driving log trucks. I guess they do a lot of forestry type work and don't want you smoking the clutch out on their trucks
  3. Great discussion. I went back and read the thread from last year, lots of great points made there. One thing I'm a little confused on in this area which may or may not be related is this; What is going on when you quickstop or flare downwind? I remember hearing through all my training that we never air taxi to a quickstop downwind because you can get into settling with power. I may be imagining things, but it seems that was the deal. I have to admit that I'm guilty of the "because that's what I was taught" mentality and it seems to me that if you flare with a tailwind your vortices would be blown out in front/under you, but as far as aerodynamics go I don't really understand what is going on there. I've never tried it to find out what exactly what would happen. I was under the impression that VRS is caused by a second set of vortices forming on the inner portion of the rotor disc which form due to a high rate of descent >300fpm. It doesn't seem like that would be exactly what was going on there while lowing collective in the flare. Can anyone comment on this?
  4. I will be there. I went to Heliexpo last year, but this will be my first Helisuccess and I'm pretty excited.
  5. S58t? Very Cool. One of those just flew into Tampa not too long ago...pretty beefy looking.
  6. Wow. A minute seems like a long time for that valve to rattling around there.
  7. Wow... "gaurdian angel" is right, I'm glad you turned around. I'm a little curious as to the chain of events inside the engine though. So the first cough and twitch on your takeoff roll was the valve breaking off? Then the fluctuating MP as you came back was the valve getting chewed up by the piston? How long was the whole sequence from first indication that something was up to complete failure of the engine?
  8. Yeah, great thread. Thanks for taking the time to post it, dp. Makes me wish I would've kept up with this site a lot more over the past couple of years. Also, wish I would've read it before sending you an unsolicited email Oh well. Also, thanks for your input Rick. I'm always grateful when people who have made it provide the rest of us with Insight and advice on how to do the same. I have a question about Heli-Success though. Goldy, mentioned the same thing to me when we spoke last month and I was pretty bummed that I had missed out on it in October. When I got back from LA I immediately registered for the "mini" version of it at the expo this year, is that not as valuable as the full-blown 2 day version in Vegas?
  9. I have have to admit the initial post does sound a bit like a sales pitch, but I'd probably do something similar if one of my instructors hooked me up with a job. Congrats Cart, although it sounds like a fair trade for the work you're doing. I think I'd jump on an opportunity like that if I could. I've always thought Ag flying would be awesome to do, but heard that it's super hard to get into.
  10. Cool. That sawmill definitely had a third world look to it
  11. Haha... I wonder if any of the EAA guys have seen this clip? I like his first tip. "Here are a few simple tips that can help you decide whether or not you should try and fly something you built in your garage: #1 Don't" Although, I do have to say, given the chance I don't know that I would turn down the chance to fly a Mosquito or Helicycle.
  12. So, Belize and Guatemala? Looks like a pretty cool trip to take... were you down there for work or vacation?
  13. Wow, thanks for all the input guys. I wasn't expecting this much discussion. The article and video really help. I really like the particle imagery in the article. I always find it interesting when you can "see" the air. Also, clears things up a lot.
  14. So I know that ground effect is caused by the fact that the ground disrupts the airflow around the rotor, thus decreasing induced flow and vortices and since a reduction in iduced flow increases the AOA more lift is produced. I also know that hovering over rough, sloping, or grassy terrain can decrease ground effect. I was just a little confused as to why that is. I mean grass and rocks and stuff should be disturbing the airflow even more than smooth pavement, right? I was wondering if someone could give me some insight into this phenomenon that is confusing me at the moment.
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