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  1. Here's an article from the latest Robinson newsletter titled "R22 Celebrates 40 Years" https://robinsonheli.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/rhc_news_winter_2019_web.pdf Apparently Quantum Helicopters in Chandler, AZ have three R22s with over 20,000 hours each.
  2. I paid $29,000. last year for $1 million hull and $5 million liability for my R66.
  3. and a Robinson R44 Raven II is $257/hr
  4. Yes I read that article and was thinking the same thing.
  5. The operating expenses for any certified helicopter are astronomical if it is just a toy. If you think a 206 will be cheaper to maintain/operate than an R44, go for it, but I've never heard that from anyone. I've been told the opposite from several sources. This is just my unprofessional opinion of course.
  6. Thanks Fred, that's good to know. Anyone else?
  7. Has anyone here flown one for these? If so what are your thoughts? I think it might be my next helicopter.
  8. Traditionally in accounting "M" refers to "thousand" and "MM" refers to "million". His budget appears to be $500,000. "or so". I would purchase a new or newer R44. I'm 6'2", have owned one, and had no issues with it being uncomfortable. Very low maintenance costs compared to an older 206, which one really needs to take into consideration. I've seen a few helicopter owners give up their machines because they couldn't afford to repair/replace things when necessary.
  9. I wouldn't rule out the EC130 B4/EC130 T2/Airbus H130. Great machines, very safe and quiet, easy to fly, great in turbulence (three main rotor blades), enclosed tail rotor (safer off airport landings), dual hydraulics, sexy looks, and I, at 6'2" can lay across the floor in the back with the seats removed no problem. As an added bonus, Airbus just increased the overhaul time on the Arriel 2D engine (T2 and H130) to 5000 hours. This also applies to the H125. Airbus and Safran roll out major competitiveness boost to H125 and H130
  10. Helicopter Comparison: Airbus AS350-B3 versus Bell 206L-4 Helicopter Comparison: Bell 407 vs Airbus H125 There are Astars (H125) everywhere up here in Canada because of their power and versatility. I've tried to like the L4 but it bugs me that the seats aren't removable or foldable. More of a corporate machine imo. Does anyone know if anyone makes a removable seat mod for the L4? I wish someone did something similar for the under-powered EC120. I think it would be a big hit.
  11. I'm guessing if you move someone who is badly hurt, in a truck or helicopter, and you make their injuries worse by moving them without a proper diagnosis first ie spinal injury, internal bleeding, etc, you could get sued by the person you're trying to help. If it's just a broken limb or something similar, you'd probably be okay but you wouldn't need a stretcher for those types of injuries. If a person is injured badly enough to need a stretcher, you could be doing them more harm than good by moving them without proper medical attention first, and possibly get sued in the process. You might be able to get around it by having the injured person sign a waiver first, if they're able to. Similar issues with flying friends around in a private helicopter. If you crash they could sue you for all kinds of things. I actually have anyone who wants to fly with me sign a waiver or we don't go flying, family members excluded.
  12. How do you get a stretcher in a longranger?
  13. No tail rotor to fail or get caught in the bushes. Probably shorter in length than a tail-rotored heli too. Need less room to land and safer for people and obstacles on the ground when you get there. No tail rotor means more power available for lift. I'm guessing more maneuverable as well.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VRT_500 (skip to 2:27) Will these ever be made available in North America? Do coaxial rotor helicopters autorotate?
  15. Back in 2005 or so I thought it would be fun to learn how to fly so I went out for a flight with an acquaintance in his fixed wing. During the flight he looked down, saw a helicopter hovering near a lake and said "those guys get to do whatever they want". Shortly thereafter I took my son on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon (we landed in the canyon and had lunch), and figured "hey I can do this". I got lucky in business, bought a brand new R44 and talked the local Helicopter flight school (Canadian Helicopters School of Advanced Flight Training, now known as HNZ Topflight) into training me in my R44. I'm now on my third helicopter and enjoy flying around in the mountains here in British Columbia in my "Ultimate All Terrain Vehicle".
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