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  1. I have been in contact with the Warrant Officer recruiter for my state. I gave him information about the charge but I don’t want to badger him until I have at least completed the SIFT (which is a problem as well because I’m not currently in my state).

    I would hope that they would accept my enlistment waiver. But at the same time, Flight Warrant is a much higher tier than a junior enlisted grunt. I signed on for an MOS facing a huge shortage, so they may be more inclined to grant a waiver for that than a highly competitive WO slot.

  2. I’m currently an Infantryman (E4) in the National Guard and I am aiming to drop a flight packet. I’ve been studying for the SIFT religiously and doing more PT. I’ve got a 135 GT score and I don’t think I would have a problem getting LORs. 

    My biggest concern is the possibility of getting a moral waiver. I was charged with a felony for possession of marijuana on school grounds when I was 15 years old. Is this a PDQ? Even if it’s not technically a PDQ, would my packet be dead in the water?

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