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  1. Now I see how Tucker Gott gets away with everything!
  2. Wow, iChris, thanks for that amazingly educational reply! I’ve wondered about Tucker and some of his antics, but he is always able to explain away any questionable acts, and he seems to be pretty responsible in general. I forgot that there were other sections of FAR besides 91! LOL. The more I learn toward licensing the more I know that I don’t know. I hope that I can learn enough to pass the tests and to be a safe pilot. Now I wish that I’d stuck it out and gone to law school! 🤪
  3. I can't find any way to follow the topic than to reply again.
  4. I don't get the "are you part 135" comment: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airline_certification/135_certification/general_info/ Also, I find it odd that NJ would prohibit landing anywhere the FAA considers allowable. I see https://www.youtube.com/c/TuckerGott landing all over the place! Even at the Dunkin Doughnuts with nothing more than a phonecall to the shop (probably not even the landowner!) Can anyone explain that?
  5. I'm studying at kingschools.com. I like the video then test format, although I have a few nits to pick with their "physics" explanations. 😛 I have a friend who is a CFI, so once I've done the "ground school" with King, and read through the briefcase of books my pal handed me, I'll figure out how to get some seat time with my him--probably just rent the cheapest two-seater we can find. I plan to get a one-seater that I can zip around in, and then who knows.... If $30k is the going rate for enough seat time to get certified (as I saw in an earlier post), I'll just get an ultralight and teach myself! (hold on... let me put on my asbestos suit here)
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