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  1. Hello all- This is my first post on this forum after lurking for months. I appreciate all the insight and knowledge being shared here. I'm a 60M LT that just got hard orders that I'm heading to K-16 in the future.. Initially I was pretty disappointed about this, as I told myself "Anywhere but Korea" for a majority of Common Core. However, I'm heading there whether I like or not so I'm trying to head in with a positive mindset and make the absolute most of it. I have a couple questions and am also just seeking any advice people are willing to offer. 1) How is the single officer housing over there? Am I required to live on base? 2) I am going unaccompanied and have been leaning towards not extending once I get over there. However, I'm now concerned about if this will affect my progression. Will my command not invest much time or effort into progressing me if they know I'm only going to be there a year? I've heard mixed reviews about flight hours and just generally progressing at K16. I care far more about learning, progressing, and eventually making PC than I do about where I live right now. If the hours are significantly better there, I would no doubt extend for another year. Any general advice or personal experiences from those of you that have been to K-16 would be appreciated greatly! Thank You
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