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  1. Well guys and gals, I've decided to enlist in the Army. I'll hopefully be going in as 15-Tango (Blackhawk Helicopter Repairer). After being enlisted for a few years, I'm going to make a stab at WOFT. I've wanted to fly helicopters for a LOOOONG time now. I've been a lurker here with only a few posts, and there's a wealth of information here. Thank you to all who make this site what it is. Anybody else here in Army helicopter maintenence?
  2. Not sure if you guys have seen this or not. If this is a repost, I apologize. I didn't see it anywhere in the forums. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bd3_1245182005&p=1
  3. Must be freakin' nice LOL. I haven't even began my training yet . But I will, my friend . Congrats on your achievements.
  4. I just wonder how SS even lasted as long as they did, seeing how they/he was operating the way they/he was. I actually seen two robbies on the interstate a few months back on a tractor-trailer, both of them were SS Robbies. Thanks, Fry.
  5. Well, my dad also said that he is considering selling a chunk of land and just letting me borrow the $$ from him and paying him back over time. Fry, thanks for the link. I would just assume get the money from him and leave the credit bureaus, banks, and 'ole Sallie out of it. Anyway, we'll see how everything turns out.
  6. This is exactly my thoughts. There are so few options to get into this. Sallie-Mae is a joke, so I wouldn't take $1,000,000 if they gave it to me. Saving isn't really an option. And as far as the military, if I finally DID get accepted into WOFT, they'd boot me out because of my vision. I don't meet the army's requirements. Anyway, Goldy, no offense taken. Thanks for your input. I think though, that as long as I am CERTAIN that I can keep the payments up, and that AS LONG as my dad and I BOTH understand the consequences, that I should do it. HOWEVER, if we can't find an interest rate, pay
  7. Anybody here take out a home equity loan for their flight-training? I talked wtih my dad earlier today and after explaining all of my intentions, he said that he is up for it. I have been looking into the aviation field for a couple of years now and know all the risks, etc. I understand that I will have to gain hours as a CFI, etc. We're going to look into what all we can do in the coming weeks. I actually hate to go this route, but Sallie Mae is a freakin' joke. Anybody have any tips, etc.?
  8. I did comment her video once and said something about, "I'm sure a flight-crew is going to take a $3,000,000 piece of machinery just to follow you around on their downtime". She denied it and never posted it on the vid HA HA HA HA. That woman is one fruit basket. One of her vids says something about "All negative comments will be rejected" or something that effect. I get a little humor out of it, but at the same time, it kinda pi$$e$ me off.
  9. Not sure if you've already looked or not, but at the top of the Flight Training page, look in the Free Online Books, or something to that effect. I think there were a few links in there for free tests.
  10. Take Bean-O before, and there will Bean-0 gas Not sure if it's still out or not. I remember those commercials though HA HA HA. Anyway, if anyone seen my earlier post in this same thread, I decided to take that $12,000 and get started on my flight training. I've got the best opportunity right now than I'll ever have. It's really one of those now or never things. I just hope 'ole Sallie will help me out again when I hold out my hand.
  11. Quizzicality, first off...I see you only have a few posts. I agree that you should really look into this if you haven't to understand what you're getting into (granted, I'm just now starting my training, but I've worried other people to death about this industry ) Anyway, don't hesitate to use this board's search to find plenty of answers, not to mention ask all the questions that you are curious about. The people are this board are GREAT, as ohman stated. You'll even find answers to things you never knew you had questions about Anyway, I'm not sure how close you are to Elkin, NC. There'
  12. I'm w/ NorCalHeliKid on this one. I think people would be much more apt to listening to you and be more safety-oriented. I think people would I'm be much thankful to have you as a flight instructor or pilot, just because you are well aware of what these machines can and WILL do to human life. I also think you'd have a broad outlook on flight-safety and I probably wouldn't hesitate one bit to climb in the cabin with you. Good Luck And you know what, I respect the hell out of you for for being what you've been through and still trying to push your way through this industry. Best of luck.
  13. amrlee21, I am in the same boat. I shot for $50,000 but they countered with only 12K. Considering my age (22), I thought I was lucky to get that. I am more than likely going to accept the 12,000 and hope for the best and they'll give me more when that time comes.
  14. Anybody have a used Schweizer Pilot Textbook they'd like to sell? I already have the workbook and don't really wanna buy the set. Thanks Here's a pic
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