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  1. Go AStar!! The 300 is fun, kinda like a go cart... The 500 is more fun, but the Astar is awesome, just don't try to race the 407 with it!! lol
  2. In my opinion it looks like he comes in to land on a dolly. Bounces the first attempt (which really isn't too hard to do...), where he slides to the left, then it slides off the dolly onto the ground (which is where he sould of left it.. and saved the aircraft). From there he says "Oh SH&%!" tries to correct it, catching the bear claws on the dolly and the kicks in some pedal that sends him into dynamic rollover....
  3. Once on the ground leave it on the ground.... Obviously a dynamic roll over after he hooked the Bear Claws on the dolly....
  4. I would also look at joining www.ALEA.ORG and start beaten on everyone's doors... I'd submit applications and see what happens. You never know.
  5. I would find a good flight school and talk to the owner. Maybe you could purchase the same type of aircraft they fly and let the school lease it from you when not in use. Then you can recoup some of your expenses. I don't know how do'able that is, but it might be worth investigating.
  6. http://www.modbee.com/local/story/330185.html Great job by the flight crew!!! Too bad the toddler didn't make it.
  7. I would suggest www.alea.org and bring your questions up there.
  8. Check out Avalex Technologies in Pensacola, FL. They are very well known in the Law Enforcement communities for great products. The link below is for their newest product which records to USB media, or built-in media, they also have an older version AVR8000 that records to a hard disk drive, or direct to DVD and uses a 24 - 28volt DC connection. Avalex Technologies
  9. Practice, practice, and more practice.. You will get it. As a FW converted to RW it took me a few flights, and I was going from a high performance complex piston airplane to a turbine powered helicopter with hydraulics. Pedal pressures are not even close to the same.. In the helicopter you just have to think about doing it as opposed to stomping your foot to the floor like the plane. Have your instructor let you control just the pedals while he/she takes the collective and cyclic, so you can get the feel, and do the same with the collective and cyclic. I know alot of people want to jump right in, or the instructor figures all three controls at once will get you jump started.. I noticed I was a bit nervous with it at first, so another instructor had me do each control indepent of each other. It helped for the first couple of flights... Most importantly RELAX, I find I still tend to over control a bit when I keep a tight grip on the controls.... Good luck, and Have fun learning....
  10. I only mentioned the EC120 since it's a turbined powered helo. You could replace my sentence with EC130, Bell 206, 407, A109 etc.. I was just trying to say that once you fly or train in a turbine powered helicopter, I think you'd want to stay in one... As far as economically speaking you're better off with a piston helo for personal use.
  11. I wouldn't do it. Once you fly something like an EC120 or AS350 you won't want to go back to the R44....
  12. IMO, your friend is correct. There are a lot of good reasons to do your fixed wing training first. If you pursue a career in Aviation, the fixed wing and rotorcraft ratings will allow you to be more marketable. The down side to it is the time that it will take you to get your rotorcraft rating, that is of course if you're on a time constraint. There are certain careers in the aviation industry that can utilize both.
  13. Tropical Helicopter in Leesburg, FL. They have a very professional staff, and provided great training.
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