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  1. according to the Warrant Officer Recruiting Website....any MOS may apply to WOFT. so it seems like your recruiter doesn't know or doesn't care to help you achieve your dream. Recruiters are constantly trying to reach their quota..and as a WOFT applicant you don't give them their "numbers" it sux...i had my recruiter telling me that i wouldn't make it...and that i should just enlist....i damn near cursed him out... at any rate...find a new recruiter..go to him armed with all the info from the site that i posted the link for below... Now regarding the moral waiver...it seems from the warrant officer recruiting website that its just a matter of resubmitting the correct waiver...and I understand that you did that. Was the moral waiver itself approved? If not then i could understand why you weren't selected...however if the board didn't believes that the new waiver is a new charge or something that omitted then it looks bad. if there is a possiblity that the waiver thing is fixable then with your resume i would assume you'd be good to go<--my opinion. check out http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/WO153A.shtml that website helped me get selected--as i had to walk my recruiter through the entire process...and keep him focused. CW2 Q SCOUTS OUT OH-58D®
  2. Hey the only I can add to this amazing post is that the fixed wing slot is available to outstanding pilots at selection of advanced airframe. So fresh out of ierw you are able to compete for fixed wing slots if available.
  3. Hey the only I can add to this amazing post is that the fixed wing slot is available to outstanding pilots at selection of advanced airframe. So fresoutfit of ierw you are able to compete for fixed wing slots if available.
  4. B co and Dco have the most motorcycles by percentage in the Army. We all pretty much ride....its a great way to relax and the CG rides as well... just be safe...do the saftey course...get it inspected 4 times a year and your good....we always go down to Panama City Beach about 10-20 bikes deep...its a great time.
  5. Hey L-boogie...whats up? sorry i missed you here at rucker....but...thanks...keep on keeping on!!! dont give up no matter what.
  6. I started the application process in Aug of 2007-Finished July 9th 2010 Its worth the time.
  7. To those interested in Army Aviation understand that the completion of WOCS then WOFT is the most satisfying accomplishment of my life. Its hard work, stressful, and can be a bit overwhelming, however it is possible to make it thru. If you are at the beginning of your packet process or have already been accepted to the program--maintain your dedication and persistence throughout these next 1-2 years. You'll understand after that although you've been jammed packed with info, you'll still have tons to learn when you arrive at your unit. Good luck with your application and careers. To all the "old timer posters" thanks for all your help over the last 3 years...i guess i'm the old timer poster now... SCOUTS OUT!
  8. You just answered your own question. Its your essay and all you have to do is answer the question. "Why do I want to become a US army aviator?" Its your essay...write how your moved to write it. you have to look intrinsically and decide the answer to that question. What your good at and what you want to become aren't always the same (although they can be). Good luck. AviatorQ Fort Rucker, AL KIOWA WARRIOR SCOUTS OUT
  9. all about the EAGLE SCOUT!!!! lol. as Lindsey said nice stats.be cool with the board...have questions prepared to ask them. officer related questions helped me... WOpilot is correct...be yourself. you'll do fine. good luck.
  10. believe it or not the hardest part of the entire process is the application process. you came to the right place for advice though...you'll find countless discussions on what you have to do. Everyone has answered you correctly...no college isn't necessary, but it helps. Prior service as an enlisted service member isn't required either...although some recruiters might make you think otherwise. if they tell you that you cant come in "street to seat" then find a different recruiter. and if they have a problem with that, then have them contact any of the warrants here or on the recruiting website.(we'll set em straight) speaking of which...chk out the warrant officer recruiting website (google it). it has a lot of info that you can start diggin through. like i mentioned earlier...the application portion and board portion of this process is typically the longest and toughest. Not cause its difficult, but it requires you to follow through on tasks and have the where-with-all to see it through to the finish. good luck!
  11. Wayne, I was air force for 6 years...switched over. I love it. 3 star general helped me out. get all the BRASS you can for your letters...as long as the are not generic and they touch on you as an individual you are good to go. Are you wanting to become an O-grade officer or warrant? what was your afsc in the air force? oh never mind i see your a f-16 crew chief...sweet man. get some of them aviators to hook you up.
  12. you'll get it right after wocs graduation. 10 days house hunting... my reccommendation is to have your wife look for spots now...get a place in enterprise...daleville is a bit country...its cheaper...but country. then when you get your 10 days you'll have your place..and all you'll have to do is move in (or hopefully you can get to post early from ft sill and have your stuff already moved in) and chill for 10 days. Congrats..
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