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  1. 2 ag ships down today Northern CA any info??
  2. run the throttles, record the #'s, watch the guages --- pour the capt some coffee at fuel cycle
  3. yes -- bug work at hatch -- raw chem only no carrier -- rotary atomizer very uniform droplet starts out about 6 " rotation expands greatly reving at about 5000 rpm. Deposition very good and consistant no gaps. Low volume work so 100 gallons goes a looong way.
  4. Foray -- Micronair AU-7000 - about 64oz/ac -- tree top height gets about 100' swath uniform droplet 150 micron range-- Gypsy moth eradication.
  5. A few Pics from the field ---some utility opps.
  6. Geomagnetic wrap around Boom mounted Multisensor Magnetometer used for finding UXO (unexploded ordinance) used on military shooting ranges. This one looks to be a Sky Research Boom.
  7. Hi Pete-- skeeter season is on, calibrate this week. I am seeking the waiver for the Huey when enroute to/from fire suppression activities,CWN Restricted TC--- no external just transit -- have re-submitted waiver will see. For the spraying --CAP's go thru well, as most all are special airwothiness for restricted operations. Had our first good fire last week, got current with bucket several newbies this season for the row crop work -so been busy training. Have a good season. Mike.
  8. Looking to get waiver from 91.313 (E) 1 thru 3 regarding Restricted TC over congested area to get to fire fighting activity from primary base to anywhere USA cwn. Special purpose operation -fire suppression activity external load. Local FSDO not cooperating. I would think 91.313(a)(2) would allow, as necessary to conduct special purpose operation for which certified. ??? any advise? thankx I know waivers are issued for this -- maybe not worded correctly ??
  9. for your basic training shop around. serious price difference for your primary training. Doing your primary training in turbine will wind up limiting you for possible jobs for low time pilot as most are recip. Once rated if you have the money go for it very experienced instructors,nice equipment you will come out a better aviator from the training. P/w carries alot of weight regarding insurance and job prospects. my .02
  10. Industrial Aviation Louisianna runnin an ad for aerial applicator r/w. www.industrialaviation.com
  11. SikorskyPilot - to stay on point to your original question 1. AC-133-1A (9) (A) (1 thru 4) 2. FAA- local FSDO 3. subject to POI interpretation -if building vacant other than ground support flight path meets criteria --probably would be viewed as non -conjested. for 91 0pps ref: 91.119(D) Timbersprayer
  12. Worked that area hard 88 thru 93 spraying Manson/Chelan/Brewster area Snow survey/ heliski to the north/ gen sling work/ and Fire great memories. Pretty country some good mountain time ! Mostly ag/fire/eng --great lakes region now days.
  13. sLn25-- A+P would definately help. I see your in Mn We have a satelite base just west of you not to far-- always looking for good ground help may get your foot in the door. Seems most ag training done in house now days. PM me Timbersprayer.
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